Monday, December 18, 2017

On Ringo Lake...Step 4!!

Happy Monday friends!!  Here we week until Christmas!  We had an exciting week since last time I checked in.  First off, we had a new baby in the family...Wren Renee is our "Great-Niece!"  She is number 7 in the "Great" category!!  Doesn't seem like we're old enough to be a great uncle and aunt!  LOL  But then I think the grandma (Hubby's sister) is younger than then it's okay!  LOLOLOL

Wren Renee 12/12/17

Another niece was in The Nutcracker this week as the Snow Queen.  She has participated in this production for about 8 years now and has been most of the parts, including all the leads.  I think this part was my favorite so far!

This scene was so pretty!

She is so beautiful and did a wonderful job!

As of December 16, we still have hummingbirds!  I hadn't seen them for a few days, so I thought they'd finally headed south.  But then, there he was!  

We live at 4000' elevation in Central California, and honestly I'm not sure if they stay here all year and don't migrate further south.  We've had fairly mild temps, lows have been mid-30's for about a month.  I'll have to do some research and find out if I need to keep food out all winter for them!

Finally, Sunday I had a chance to get back to the mystery units!  I have a little less than half of Step 3 done.  This one is definitely time consuming.  All the fabrics are cut and ready.  I'm also doing bonus triangles, so extra marking and extra sewing!  It'll be worth it though when I have all those cute miniature half square triangles!

Step 4 is cut as well!  This step will come together a little more quickly, thank goodness!!

I sewed up a few before calling it a day.  I tried to get a fun picture with Stella supervising...but she wasn't in to it.  I think she just wanted to get back to napping.

I didn't count how many I have completed...I think it's about 1/4 of them.  They are quick!

Couldn't leave you without a kitty picture.  We received some Christmas packages in the mail.  Seconds after putting them under the tree, Chloe decided they were nice pillows!!

I'm linking up with Bonnie's blog...go check out all the progress of the On Ringo Lake mystery!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

On Ringo Lake...Step 3!!

I'm linking up with Bonnie's Blog...go check out all the progress for the On Ringo Lake Mystery!

Hello Friends!!  I didn't make a lot of progress on Step 3 yet, but that's okay!  'Tis the season lots for extra family events and fun!  Saturday we celebrated Mom's birthday with a production of "White Christmas" at a local theater in downtown Historic Columbia.  The show was amazing!  Afterwards we went to our favorite Italian restaurant.  It was a fun day spent with three generations of family!

 Sunday was my youngest nephew's 1st birthday party!!  He is the cutest!  No one had to convince him to try his birthday cake...he dove right in.  The only time he cried during the whole party was when they took the cake away!!  He would have eaten the whole thing!

Finally, Sunday afternoon I found a little time to get started on this week's units.  First off, I did finish step 2 a couple days ago!

I spent most of the afternoon cutting, cutting, cutting!  I attempted to draw the lines for the flip and sew method...but my eyes are tired and it's not bright enough in my sewing room at night.  I'm calling it a night and I'll do more in the daylight! 

 I made a couple of test blocks and they seem to be okay!  Only a couple hundred more to go!!  LOL

Can't leave without the obligatory kitty picture...she's keeping all my On Ringo Lake fabric warm.

Actually, I have to share another kitty picture.  This is Galaxy...some of you may remember her from past years on my blog.  She is my daughter's kitty and our first grand-kitty.  She lived with us for a year while Megan was away studying in can see she was a great quilt inspector/helper too.  Unfortunately, Galaxy became sick and today she went to kitty heaven.  I wish I could have been with Megan today.   

Goodnight you kitty cat. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

On Ringo Lake Step 2!

Can you believe week two clue is already here!  The weeks will really fly by between now and Christmas!  Clue 2 has us making lots and lots of flying geese.

I purchased this Essential Triangle Tool a while back, but haven't had a chance to give it a try.  I've used the Easy Angle and Companion Angle for years and years with good honestly, I really didn't want to try something new.  I'm really happy with the results, though, it's just as easy to use as the Easy Angle and Companion Angle.  I can't say I prefer one over the other...I guess it'll just be a matter of which one I find the quickest when needed!  :)

No matter which ruler you use, if you are making geese with this no waste technique, you need right and left neutral corners.  If your strips are all stacked "right side up" when you cut (I cut 4 strips at a time), then you'll end up with all left or all right corners.  In my stack of 4 strips, I put two right side up and two right side down, and it gives me equal amounts of rights and lefts.  I hope that makes sense!!

 I did get all the units cut and ready to go!

I sewed one to see how my sizing was going...and it's perfect!!  I measured a couple others as I went along and some might have been a 1/16th inch too I really just think my seam line here or there gets off, but for the most part they are just the right size! 

 I think I have about 1/4 of the units sewn and I'll work on the rest here and there over the next week.  I do like to have one clue done before the next one is released!!

I was trying to find a fun way to take a picture of these...but I had limited space because... 

...of this!!  She was taking up the back half of my workspace.  Well, I can't place all the blame on Chloe.  If you look closely, she's laying on a pile of strips for another project I'm working on that I just pushed out of the way so I could work on the flying geese!!

I also finished a T-Shirt quilt for a customer this week.  If I do say so myself, these quilts amaze me...the T-Shirts are given to me usually in a garbage bag and when I look in sometimes I think, Ugh...I hope this turns out well!  LOL  But the end result is a fun, cozy quilt full of memories for the owner that includes all of those special t-shirts they couldn't throw out!

The house is all decorated for Christmas!!  We bought a 9' tree this year because we have such high ceilings and I just love it! 

I'm linking up with Bonnie's blog, where you can see all the progress everyone is making on their On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilts!!  Go check it out!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Hi Friends!  Yes, I'm still alive and's been almost a year since I've posted on my blog!  A lot has happened in the last 10 months or so.  Unfortunately, not a lot of sewing and quilting happened.  We moved from Virginia in April and we were in transition for most of the summer.  We finally moved in to our new house in California in July.  After unpacking, it took some time to get my "mojo" back when it came to quilting.  It's finally coming back little by little and I'm happy about that.

After skipping the mystery last year, I decided to jump on board with Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this year called "On Ringo Lake."  I figured that was a good reason to pop on here and blog about it and also to reconnect with all my blogging friends.

I finished Step One today and I loved it.  Mini 3" nine patches are my all time favorite block, so I was happy to see that was our first clue.  Love all these little cuties!!

So for a quick recap of the last year or so...Travis retired from the Air Force after 32 years of active duty.  It was a happy time...the Air Force has given us great life and we're forever grateful for the opportunities we've had and the precious friends we have all over the country.  

The biggest event of the year for us was the wedding of our son, Zach.  His wife, Harleigh, is a sweetheart and she is perfect for him.  We are so blessed to have her join our family! 

After the wedding, we were finally able to move in to our cabin in the mountains of California.  It's a beautiful place to live!

Thank you to those of you that are still here with me!  Life doesn't always go the way we think it will and we have more changes coming in the near future...I'll keep you posted along the way!

Until then, Happy Quilting!


P.S...I'm linking up with Bonnie's Quiltville Blog page...go check out how everyone is doing on Step 1!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best of 2016!!

What better way to get back to my blog than to look back at 2016 and pick a few of the best posts from the year.  I discovered Meadow Mist Design's Linky Party and it sounded like a good way to jump back in and maybe connect with some new bloggers along the way!

So...the idea is to find the top 5 "best" posts from the year.  Let me tell you...I don't have many posts to choose from.  2016 was not a productive year as far as blog posts go...but I'll see what I can come up with...

1.  Most Comments:  Two Finishes!

This isn't much of a surprise since I was sharing my finished Quiltville Mystery quilt...those are always popular!!

2.  Most Views:  Quiltville Mystery Revealed!

Again...not a's always fun to see the final result of the mystery!  This one was especially fun and challenging for me.  I made it "half-size" and it really took me out of my comfort zone for colors and fabrics, but I love it!

3. Meeting "Sew-lebrities"

I was lucky enough to meet up with a few amazing people that I admire and have greatly influenced my quilting life...

Lisa Bongean is amazing with her wool and wool/cotton designs.  I wish I could have one of each of her kits!!  :)  I loved her workshop and would take another if I get the chance!

This was the second time I met Jenny Doan and she is like none other...she's truly feels like a friend you've known forever.

And of course...the renowned Bonnie Hunter.  Even though I've met her more times than I can count, I never miss the chance to take a class (or cruise!!)

4.  Kitty Cats and Quilts...

What can I say....cats and quilts just go together.  Posts with cats are always a favorite and I've found many like-minded quilter friends through our love of kitties!  Our kitties bring us much joy and comfort...I'm so thankful for them!

RIP Sweet fur spreader ever!

Chloe...she loves all quilts (on her terms, of course!) our apprentice quilt inspector and she is learning at lightning speed!

5.  My Favorite Finishes

It's truly hard to pick favorites...but I'll keep it to three!!

Quiltmaker's Itty Bitty Sew Along....I love these bitty blocks...I love that it all came from my "pre-cut" stash too!

This was the first "all batik" quilt I've made and I ended up loving it!  Batiks have never been something I'm super drawn to, but this quilt helped me change my thinking!  Plus it was made for a very special brother turning 50!!

My leader/ender Spoolin' Around quilt.  This was a labor of love!  Two years of making spools as leaders and enders finally assembled into this beauty!  Plus, it has the sentimental aspect of being made with spool fabric swapped with a my best quilting buddy, Lisa.

So there you have Best (and Favorite) posts from 2016.  I'll be linking up with Meadow Mist Designs if you want to check out the other bloggers!

Wishing you all the best in 2017!!  Once again, it will be a year of changes for our house/family...BIG changes...weddings, retirements, moves...and MORE!!  Stay tuned!!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Feline Friday

I thought this would be a good opportunity to let you get to know our new kitty, Stella, and see how she has been getting along in her new home.  She was adopted by us at 5 months old.  We found out after we decided to adopt her that she had been adopted by another family and they returned her because she was too active!  At first, I thought, "oh no, what did we get ourselves into?"  But then I was told her original owner worked away from home all day and Stella (her name was Tulip then) was kept in a bathroom all day and because she was active at night (understandable after being locked up all day), she ended up getting put back in the bathroom at night!  Poor kitty was lonely and lacking wonder she was hyper when she was let out for a couple hours.

Anyway, from the minute she arrived, she hasn't shown any negative behaviors other than jumping on the counters, but she is learning that is a no-no and I hardly ever see her there anymore.  She does like to sleep on the top of the refrigerator and since the counter she jumps on to get there isn't a "food" counter, I haven't been too worried about it.  From day one, she has been a calm, playful, loving kitty!

You can see she appreciates a cozy quilt!  Zzzzz....  

I found her this way one morning shortly after I got out of bed....

She's explored all the good "spots." 

Chloe has been fine with her...they are not best buds, but they will play occasionally...mostly Stella just wants to keep up with whatever Chloe is they are helping me give my Featherweight a good oiling.

 -almost- cuddling....

I find them like this a lot...Stella seems to copy what Chloe is doing.  It's amazing to watch...

A few minutes later...seriously, I've never seen a cat literally copy what another cat is doing.  I think it's adorable! 

This is something she's started doing that really freaks me out.  She stands, sits, walks on the railing on our second floor.  The other side of that railing is 12-13 feet down to the first floor!  Eeek!!  The pictures aren't great because I'm taking them from across the room, but I didn't want to get any closer to her and possibly scare her and then she'd fall!! 

I don't know how to get her to stop doing this!! 

Anyway...she's become a wonderful addition to our family...we just love her!  I'm linking up with Feline Friday over at Sarah Did It blog.

Happy Quilting!