Monday, February 25, 2008

Be Attitudes BOM

Finally.... some quilting news to report! I am doing the Be Attitudes quilt as a block of the month project from This-n-That fabric shop. I finally finished block 2, which is kind of Valentine-ish...I'm glad to have it done even if February is almost over!

Here is also a picture of last month's block...a snowman for January. Aren't they cute! I just love this pattern.


  1. I just love love love your Be Attitudes blocks and can't wait to start on mine. I bought the pattern though and will have to select my own fabrics, and there in lies the rub. I have this beautiful collection of FQ's a friend gave me that are all pastels, and am tempted to use them - but I love the coutry look of the pattern - what to do, what to do!

  2. they are4 BEutiful!

  3. Your Be Attitudes blocks are wonderful. This will be a beautiful quilt.

  4. I just got my book on Thursday...I would love to do this with you!! ARe you hand or machine appliqueing??


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