Friday, February 29, 2008


Like most boys, Zach's always been curious about how things work. So what's a boy to do when he sees mom about to throw out a broken iron? He says, "Hey, do you think that can be taken apart?" I say, "I'm sure it can...have at it."

So for about an hour, on a rainy day in the garage, Zach removed every possible removable part from that thing. And has a theory why it didn't work (it just stopped heating up one day, poof, just like that)...he discovered the heating element and saw that where it hooked up to the flat "iron" part there was a lot of oxidation on the connectors. He thinks it just wasn't making a good connection anymore...or something like that! He explained it in much more technical terms. :P


  1. And look who has a blog? :o) I caught your post on Liz's and thought, hey 11 weeks? That is retreat!


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