Monday, March 10, 2008


There's a giveaway at Blueberry Lane Designs...she's giving away an out-of-print pincushion book. The challenge is to post a picture of your pincushion(s). You can see in the picture, the red one on the left is the one I'm currently using. It was made from a pattern found here. I love it because it's nice and heavy and doesn't scoot around when I stick the pins in.

I have a nice little collection of pincushions, most of which were aquired over just the last couple of years. A couple of online friends, Peggy and Robin, conspired...err, ahem, introduced me to the joys of making and collecting them. They have contributed frequently to my little habit and I love them all. I've been on the hunt lately, trying to find fun, new ideas for making them (especially with woolfelt). I recently sent in a set of pincushions for a swap Robin is hosting...and looking forward to seeing what I'll receive in return!


  1. Nice collection! I am more into the collecting end than making, so I will have to get a shot of mine. That Donut is too cute!

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    It was so much fun to log on and see at least 2 of my pincushions in your picture.....

  3. Michelle, I found you through Robin's signature and saw she had a blog, and you do, and Peggy does. You girls are holding out!!! Loved looking at your pictures. Especially about your son taking apart the iron. That was cute. Boys....I can only imagine because I had all girls but I'm married to the biggest boy of all! lol

  4. Such a neat collection you have. I love them all. I think that heart is so very pretty!

    I like your quilts too, and enjoyed the close up of your machine quilting. That is a cute pattern you have going there.

  5. I enjoyed seeing your collection of pincushions. You have given me some ideas for making some of my own.

  6. I have the link for the red one bookmarked but haven't found time to make it. These are cute!


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