Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quilt Inspectors

Seems like there are lots of kitties in blog-land with the job of quilt inspector and my kitties are no exception! If I leave fabric or quilt blocks laid out, they'll find it...whether it's on the floor or my cutting table. They may take a nap or they may just sit for a few minutes and check things out. You can see, Whiskers likes to find boxes or baskets to climb into also. She's not -ehem- petite either, so this really didn't look comfortable! :)


  1. Your inspectors are very cute and look very professional. I'm sure they do an excellent job. *S*

  2. Too Cute! Smokey and Ki-Ki must have come from the same mold! The kids thought I put a shot of him on my profile then realized the whole blog was different! Lol! Ki Ki and I have too much fun battling for the chairs, it makes me wonder what he is thinking!

  3. Looks like you've got a couple of sweeties who take their jobs very seriously. Nice to have such companionable help.


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