Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Checking in....

I have been sewing, but it seems I don't really have any pictures of progress to share! On Friday night, I went to my LQS "Quilt till you Wilt" group. My friend, Robin, says it should be called "Quilt till they make you go home." :) I agree! They end at 11pm when they close up the shop and some of us would like to keep working a few more hours!

Anyway...that night I started a new project. It's called Friendship Braid Quilt from the book "Open a Can of Worms" by Debbie Caffrey. I'm using two Moda jelly rolls that were in my stash...they are from the Bound to the Prairie 2 line. I didn't expect the cutting process to take so long, so I didn't get started sewing until about 8pm or so, but I made good progress. I was able to work a little more over the weekend and I'm about 3/4 finished with the braids. Pictures to follow soon!

Last night at Walmart I picked up 3 sizes of plastic drawer organizers...they were in sets of 2 or 3 for $.94 each. What a deal! The drawers in my sewing cabinet had gotten completely out of control. Look how neat and tidy they look now! Now if I can just keep 'em that way. :)

And of course I had to share a couple of pics of my sweet Whiskers. In one, you can see she's helping me by laying on my "chain" of braids from the Friendship Braid quilt. The second one, she's testing out a new pincushion I made....I don't think she knows it's not a pillow!


  1. Aw, sweet kitty. Hunney and I are looking for just the right quilt inspector.

    I envy you your drawers, most of my stuff is still in boxes since we moved. Enjoy your tidy work space.

  2. yayyy for a more organized workspace! I think your kitty was a quilter in another life..LOL she just looks too blissful with the pincushion and sewing ;)

  3. AWE, she is so cute!! I just love kitty photos! We have a black and white one too and he is such a good boy! (We also have 4 others!)

  4. Kitty helpers are the best! I love the photo of Whiskers and the new "pillow". Life would be so dull without cats! Great blog--I'm going to add it to my "reader". Can't wait to see the braid quilt.


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