Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Sewing....

Last night, I got the last border sewn onto the Friendship Braid quilt. I'm really happy with this quilt! I love, love, love this fabric (Kansas Troubles-Bound to the Prairie) and I'm pleased with my choice of the green border. Those that know me would be surprised that I chose green--especially my mom! :) (Hi Mom!) Lately greens and yellows have become very appealing to me. Anyway, this morning, I layered and pinned it. Just as I was getting out the thread to make bobbins and start quilting, the power went off! After talking to a neighbor, I found out there was a big transformer in the next town that blew or something...most of the town and the entire base was out. ~sigh~

Never fear...a quilter is always prepared with some handwork to do, right? I decided to finish up Block 3 of the Quilter's Blessing BOM from Capricorn Quilts. I love these little guys...and I think my stitches are getting better as I get more practice. Now I just need to get April's done and I'll be all caught up.

After a few hours, and a little afternoon siesta, the power came back on. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and start quilting the Friendship Braid quilt. This is one of the largest quilts I've attempted to do on my home machine. It measures approximately 65" x 75". I'm doing meandering loops and it's going pretty good so far. I'm taking a little break from quilting and when I stopped, I laid down the quilt on the floor. It wasn't 2 minutes later when Quilt Inspector #1, Whiskers, came over to give it a test run. I think she approves, don't you? what am I going to do? LOL BTW, the backing is pieced with three different fabrics, so that's why you see three colors in the picture. She is completely out...too bad I'll have to move her so I can get back to quilting!

Hope you all are having a fun, quilty weekend!


  1. I love your braid quilt! Did those bias edges give you as much grief as mine did me? The green was an excellent choice for a border :)

  2. What a beautiful braid quilt! I, too, am partial to Kansas Trouble fabrics! Are you bringing this one to retreat for Show and Tell?? Please!!!

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Well dang it girl, when you said you'd updated your blog I thought I'd check it out and it was gonna say "oh, this beautiful braid quilt is for my extra special quilting sister" LOL (don't tell Robin you're giving it to me....)

    Seriously, it's a great looking quilt, enjoy it....

  4. Your braid quilt is beautiful! I have some jelly rolls and this pattern and *need* to make one soon.

    Whiskers is too cute!

  5. Great quilt and little embroidery Michelle! That quilt is just being "nap tested" LOL, and any quilt that can induce a nap is far more valuable IMHO! LOL

  6. Quilt inspectors know a good thing when they see it.
    Your braids look great, and obviously are very comfy.

  7. beautiful quilt! thanx for stopping by my blog, i love your quilts!

  8. Michelle, I've really enjoyed browsing your blog. I love your beautiful collection of pincushions and all of your wonderful quilts. Whiskers looks similar in color to my kitty, Mouse.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and entering my giveaway.
    Take care.


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