Saturday, May 31, 2008

Come on Down!!!

Those are the words we are wishin' and hopin' to hear when we travel to southern California and try for The Price is Right! It's kind of a crazy notion...but long ago we told Zach that when he turned 18, we'd take him to the show. Well, guess what...he just turned 18 and guess what he wants to do? We happen to be stationed relatively close (the same coast at least!), so we're going to go for it!

It's quite a request tickets online, but those are just "get in line" tickets. After we get there, we'll find out if we make into the audience. They screen the audience for the contestants that are called to "Come on Down!"

Zach has watched this show all his life! Even when we lived in Germany, he watched on the Armed Forces Network. He was so disappointed when Bob Barker retired, but feels Drew Carey is a good replacement!

We also have tickets for Disneyland and California Adventure, so it's going to be an all around fun trip! Stay tuned to find out if one of us (hopefully Zach!) makes it on the show....

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fresh Squeezed!

I posted a few days ago about the Fresh Squeezed charm pack that I love so much. I made myself a summer totebag out of them!! My family and I are travelling to southern California next weekend and I wanted a fun summer-y bag to take along.

I've made three of these totes so far...I love them! You can see them here and here. I think these will make great gifts, too!

I have fun stuff to share about our upcoming trip to CA, but I'll save that for my next post... :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My first....

...mitered corner, that is! I've been quilting for about 18 years and I've never been brave enough to try a mitered border. But I did it! I followed Bonnie's hints and tricks and it worked perfectly! No special tools or anything...just my ruler and a pencil. So cool! I love how the subtle stripes in the fabric match up, gives it a little extra design.

So the top is ready for quilting, but I need to get batting. JoAnn's has it on sale, so I'll pick some up on Monday. The backing is the same as the border fabric and the binding will be the dark blue that is in the setting strips. Even though I didn't have a plan when I sewed these blocks, I'm really pleased with how this quilt came together. It's going to a friend for her high school graduation...I hope she likes it!

Also today, I made a couple of birthday blocks for an exchange I'm part of... the participants send a piece of fabric of their choice and sometimes choose a particular block.

And since I haven't shared any kitty/quilt inspector photos in a while, here's a couple I thought were cute. I walked into our bedroom and saw that the quilt on our bed was lumpy and out of place.....

So I lifted up the edge to find Smokey is inspecting the underside of my quilts now. He is so thorough in his job, isn't he? No slackers here! This isn't the first time I've found him under there , but it was the first time he posed for such a cute picture. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yummy Orange Goodness!

I am in love with orange and yellow and lime green right now! Something about those colors just make me smile! It's quite a change for me...I am usually drawn to reds and blues.
I just love Moda's new fabric line "Fresh Squeezed." A good way to get to enjoy all the fabrics in a new line is to buy a charm pack! So I do have a project in mind to use these little beauties. Stay tuned....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Home Again....

Wow...what a blast I had at retreat! I've been home for a little over 24 hours and I just can't stop thinking about it! I enjoyed it so much I can't wait to do it again. I don't think I really explained before that this retreat was with an online quilting group that I've been part of for about 5 years. I've gotten to know two of the gals especially well...Peggy and Robin. We've been quilting "pen pals" for a couple of years, but they've really become great friends! It was nice to meet all of the ladies and match up faces and names to these people I've known only online. :) Quite a few of them have blogs check 'em out! Christie, Conni, Angela, Debi, Liz

One of the activities we had with the group was a pincushion swap. These are pictures of the ones I received...but also, my friend Peggy gave me two of these as a little giftie. She made the slice 'o cake and the prim rooster. I love 'em all!
I accomplished quite a bit while there...of course, I took many more projects than I would have time for, but I think I did pretty well. Robin brought a retreat project for the the three of us...we all made charm totes! Mine is made from my favorite Kansas Troubles fabrics. Peggy's was with Thimbleberries club fabrics and turned out really pretty. Robin's was from Moda's Chutes and Ladders fabric and was really cool too! Thanks Robin!!
I also completed a Thimbleberries project called Woodland's not quilted yet, but I finished the top.

I had the blocks completed for this blue and yellow quilt, so I just needed to make the setting strips and sew them together. I am so pleased with how this one is turning out! I think I'll be putting two more borders on it, one thin yellow border and then another wider one, but I have to do some searching for the perfect fabric!

Next I made a Little Charmers runner using the Prairie Paisley charm pack. I love that fabric! It's yummy! :)
If you want to see pics of all the retreat gals and some of their show and tell quilts, you can look at my webshots pics...there is a lot of great quilts to see!
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Off to Retreat!!

I'm off to a quilting retreat until Sunday! I'm so excited...I'll be meeting some longtime email pals face to face, finally!! I'll have lots of pictures to share when I return. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach!!

I do not have the words to say that accurately express how proud I am of you, Zach. I am amazed everyday when I see the mature, kind, honest, caring, responsible young man you have become. I know you will have an amazing future and I'm so excited for all that is to come!

I cannot believe you were born 18 years ago will always be my baby. :) I hope you know how much I love you! Happy Birthday Zacky-Boy!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's almost time!

Do you see the countdown clock over there? ---->
It's almost time for RETREAT!! I'm so excited to go on my first ever quilting retreat! I've been planning and gathering projects to take. One of the things I'm taking is a project I've been wanting to start, but just never got serious about it. It's the Pineapple Blossom quilt from Quiltville. I've been cutting up scraps, but I couldn't resist making a test block. Only 30 or 40 more to go! LOL I think this is going to be an ongoing project for a while.
I'm also taking a Thimbleberries wallhanging kit and a table runner kit...I think a few other things as well, but I can't remember what at the moment. I figure it's better to take too much, then to run out of stuff to do!

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day! I sure did! We also celebrated Zach's birthday on Saturday with friends and neighbors. It was a fun night and we planned on BBQing and being outdoors, but the rain wouldn't stay away, so everyone was inside. It was "cozy" but everyone had a fun time.

We are planning a graduation party for four friends that are all graduating High School this year. They weren't thrilled about lining up for their picture, but we finally got a smile out of all of them...and a few laughs. I just love this one of them all cracking up. They are all just wonderful young adults. It's bittersweet that not only are they all going their seperate ways for school, all of the families are all being transferred to new assignments as well. Ahh...such is the life of military families.

I better get back to preparing for retreat!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

This and That

It's official...I'm in a slump. A sewing/quilting slump, that is! This happens to me every few months for some reason. I just have no motivation to sew. I'm not sure why...there are a lot of other things happening in my life right now that are taking up my sewing time, I guess. Birthdays, graduation plans, an up coming move, kid issues, just life in general, etc. I know I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

Also, I have a quilting retreat in just 10 days that I am so excited about, I could just bust! :) I've never been on a retreat before, but I know it's going to be a blast! I've been planning and prepping the projects I'm taking with me to work on. I'm flying, so I'm a bit limited in what I can take. My friend Robin is bringing a machine for me to sew with....I can't imagine getting on the airplane with my sewing machine! LOL I'm sure people do it though.

Today was a glorious spring day! We've not had many of those yet this year. I spent a couple hours outside, hosing down the patio and flower pots and scrubbing the mold off my Adirondack chairs. That's something I won't miss about Washington...mold and moss. It grows on everything outside! I filled a few pots with flowers, they aren't much too look at yet, but hopefully in a few weeks there will be blooms galore. My neighbor gave me a few of these in different colors...are they Primroses? I don't remember! They are beautiful though...

Other big news...Zach got a new car. He's pretty happy about it. It's a Honda Accord...Here he's waxing it and making it all shiny! :)

I couldn't leave you without a cute kitty picture! Here is Smokey sleeping quite comfy on Zach. Smokey never jumps on anyone's lap, except Zach! He and Zach are buddies, though...he's more like a dog...he follows Zach around and even comes when he's called. It's pretty cute. When Zach leaves the house and returns a couple hours later, Smokey will run to the door
and meow and meow (quite loudly too!). It's almost like Smokey is "scolding" him for leaving...we joke that he is saying, "Where have you been?"

Zach's actually playing XBox in this picture, you can see the controller in his hands....Smokey decided the controller was a nice headrest. :)

Have a great week and I hope to have some quilty news to report soon!