Sunday, May 04, 2008

This and That

It's official...I'm in a slump. A sewing/quilting slump, that is! This happens to me every few months for some reason. I just have no motivation to sew. I'm not sure why...there are a lot of other things happening in my life right now that are taking up my sewing time, I guess. Birthdays, graduation plans, an up coming move, kid issues, just life in general, etc. I know I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

Also, I have a quilting retreat in just 10 days that I am so excited about, I could just bust! :) I've never been on a retreat before, but I know it's going to be a blast! I've been planning and prepping the projects I'm taking with me to work on. I'm flying, so I'm a bit limited in what I can take. My friend Robin is bringing a machine for me to sew with....I can't imagine getting on the airplane with my sewing machine! LOL I'm sure people do it though.

Today was a glorious spring day! We've not had many of those yet this year. I spent a couple hours outside, hosing down the patio and flower pots and scrubbing the mold off my Adirondack chairs. That's something I won't miss about Washington...mold and moss. It grows on everything outside! I filled a few pots with flowers, they aren't much too look at yet, but hopefully in a few weeks there will be blooms galore. My neighbor gave me a few of these in different colors...are they Primroses? I don't remember! They are beautiful though...

Other big news...Zach got a new car. He's pretty happy about it. It's a Honda Accord...Here he's waxing it and making it all shiny! :)

I couldn't leave you without a cute kitty picture! Here is Smokey sleeping quite comfy on Zach. Smokey never jumps on anyone's lap, except Zach! He and Zach are buddies, though...he's more like a dog...he follows Zach around and even comes when he's called. It's pretty cute. When Zach leaves the house and returns a couple hours later, Smokey will run to the door
and meow and meow (quite loudly too!). It's almost like Smokey is "scolding" him for leaving...we joke that he is saying, "Where have you been?"

Zach's actually playing XBox in this picture, you can see the controller in his hands....Smokey decided the controller was a nice headrest. :)

Have a great week and I hope to have some quilty news to report soon!


  1. The flowers are nice, no matter what they are. It's just nice to see color!!!

    Don't worry about the slump...we all get into them. I get the feeling that on the 15th you'll land in Indiana and sew for 3 straight days and the "slump" will just disappear!!!

    Hey Zach...nice car!!! Congrats!

  2. Maybe you're not really in a slump since you have been getting ready for your retreat :) Are you going to be working on a special retreat project or just UFOs? Love the kitty photo--look at those cute kitty feet!

  3. Peg's right're not in a "slump", you're really just conserving your sewing energy for the retreat!!! We'll get you sewing all right LOL and that really IS a cute kitty pic! Congrats to Zach on his new car too!


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