Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yummy Orange Goodness!

I am in love with orange and yellow and lime green right now! Something about those colors just make me smile! It's quite a change for me...I am usually drawn to reds and blues.
I just love Moda's new fabric line "Fresh Squeezed." A good way to get to enjoy all the fabrics in a new line is to buy a charm pack! So I do have a project in mind to use these little beauties. Stay tuned....


  1. Oh my goodness....I have a charm pack and fabric just like that.... :)

  2. Hey, me, too!! LOL!!

  3. such a great line. love those dots

  4. Oh what yummy fabrics you have there! Very nice! Something I am going to have to look for up here... 8-)


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