Monday, June 23, 2008

Pint Size Mini

Check out this little mini quilt I made over the last two days...It's a Thimbleberries pattern called Pinwheel Stars from the book Pint Size Traditions 2. The book is half size versions of popular Thimbleberries quilts, but I made it half size of that too, so it measures about 13" square. Each little HST is 1".

Smokey is doing his quilt inspector job, too. He always has to come check out what I'm working on! :)
I think I'll add a hanging sleeve and hang it in my sewing room. I really should have worked on something that needs to get done, but it was a fun distraction. I love making the little minis!


  1. Pretty little quilt, sometimes you just have to follow lifes distractions.

  2. I love the mini-mini! It will be a perfect size for retreat!! LOL!!

  3. After the week you had last week this was the perfect distraction to get you back on track.
    You always do such nice work...


  4. Love your little quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Come back soon!

  5. Love your mini quilt! It will look great hanging in my sewing room. Oops, I mean your sewing room!LOL


  6. My doggies are always "helping" me when I lay my quilts out on the floor to sandwich! Looks like Smokey is a good little helper!


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