Friday, July 11, 2008

Back home....

This week, Zach and I traveled to the University he will attend in the fall. It was student orientation he got his ID card, class schedule, etc. It was an great day...but my head is over-filled and on information overload! :) He's so excited and anxious to begin this new adventure in his life...and as sad as it will be to have him so far away, I can't help but be happy for him, too.

It's a 5 hour flight each way, so let's just say I had some idle time on my hands on the travel what is a quilter to do? Take some hand work to work on! I finished two more blocks from the Capricorn BOM. I have a third almost done, but not quite enough to show a picture yet.

DH and Zach are going backpacking this weekend, so my plan is to say home and quilt!! Hopefully, I'll have lots of pictures to show you! :)


  1. The stitcheries are sweet! I love the "mailbox full of squishies"!!!

  2. Doesn't Zach look so grown up?
    From what I can see, it's a beautiful campus....And listen, any problems...I can drive down to see him in under 2 hours!!!! You know how to reach me!!

  3. OH, and did I tell you how much I love your header? Can ya come live closer and help me some? LOL

  4. I am feeling your mommy heart...happy and sad is a rough combo at times. But then proud kicks it and helps sad along...:o)

  5. Love, love, love "A mailbox full of squishies" I went over to get the July BOM...but since it's only available for a short time...did you save the PDF's and could you email them to me? Pretty Please!!!
    BTW I honestly got teary reading about how happy you are for your son who is excited to start his new adventure in life! I know the feeling, my 21 y.o. step-daughter just got married on July 5th and it is so amazing to see them cross over to a new phase in their lives!!!


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