Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Japanese anyone?

Zach's friend Chris had his 18th birthday dinner at Samurai Japanese restaurant last night. They cook the food right there at your table...our chef was Anthony (not very Japanese sounding, huh?) and he was a great cook and very entertaining.

They sang a Japanese version of "Happy Birthday," which included Chris playing a big drum....it was really cool!

Unfortunately, Chris and his family are leaving tomorrow for their next assignment. They are moving to Spain! It will be an awesome experience for them, but it's never easy to say goodbye. We've been stationed with this family before, so our boys have been friends since they were about 10 years old. Zach also had to say goodbye to his girlfriend, Laura, as she also leaves today and her family moves to their next assignment. I know they'll be able to keep in touch with all of today's modern conveniences...cell phone, email, text, etc. It just doesn't offer much comfort for them at the moment.

I did do a bit of sewing today....I completed another block from the Patchwork Party series. I love these Prairie Paisley fabrics by Moda. Have I said that before? LOL


  1. I love this block too. The quilt is going to be fabulous!

  2. Beautiful fabrics!


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