Monday, July 21, 2008

Long time, no Blog....

I haven't blogged in while...just had one of those "nothing much is going on" weeks. No sewing to speak of, although I did some deep cleaning in my sewing room one day last week and that made me happy. :)

This weekend was an "Air Expo" here on base. It was an awesome show, with the Air Force Thunderbirds being the highlight. We spent an entire day watching the show on Saturday and half the day on Sunday working in our squadron booth selling sodas and ice cream. I ended up with a bit of a sunburn on my arms and nose. :P

I have to say, there's a downside to living on base during events like this....the NOISE from the aircraft...we live fairly close to the runway, so we had a great show even from our back patio! Most of the airplanes arrived last Thursday and did two days of practice flights, then there was two days of the airshow. So by the end of the show on Sunday, we were happy for the quiet. One of the upsides to living on base is not having to deal with the traffic...about 200,000 people were expected to come on base to watch the show each day! We didn't have to worry about finding parking, getting shuttles to the entrance, etc,...we just had a short walk to the perfect viewing place. :) This morning, I heard a few jets again and realized the airplanes were probably heading home.

McChord Air Show

I think this week, I'll have some sewing/quilting pictures to share with you. I'm feeling the itch to work on something! I also want to get caught up reading all my favorite blogs!

On a side note...I've briefly mentioned before that we will soon be moving. My hubby is being reassigned to a new Air Force base and will leave Washington on Aug 8th. I'm sure my blogging frequency will slow down a bit during the move, but never fear, I'll be back and I'll do my best to keep in touch during the move!


  1. Moving in August does not sound like fun LOL! What state are you moving to? I am full force into quilting this week and hope to have some photos on my blog soon (too hot & humid here to do much else).


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