Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Sewing

The "boys" in the family are away backpacking this weekend, so I decided I was going to have my own little sew-in while I was home alone. First thing I worked on was the Oak Leaves and Reel quilt top that I started a couple of weeks ago. I had a hard time deciding on a setting...but this is what I finally decided on and I really like it! Adding the borders is one of the toughest parts of putting together a quilt for me. Not because it's's just boring! LOL But I really like the results though when the borders are on and it finally all comes together.

I also spent some time working on two more Capricorn BOM blocks. I did block one again as I wasn't happy with my first attempt. I'm working on a setting idea for these blocks, so stay tuned....


  1. Those little Capricorn blocks are so cute!!! I bet a wallhanging for your sewing room would be really cute.

    I love your quilt too.....


  2. I love your Oak Leaves and Reel quilt! Beautiful! The creams really make it sparkle in that setting. I learned about the Capricorn BOM too late to start (not that I need another project). They are too cute!

  3. What a wonderful layout of blocks! Love your Oak Leaves and Reel quilt top! Gives me an idea of what to do with some charm packs I have!
    Happy stitchings! 8-)


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