Monday, August 18, 2008

On the road again....

We're leaving tomorrow to take Zach to school and we'll be gone about a week and a half...So another blogging break for me. We're stopping along the way to visit a few friends and family members. One great thing about military life...we have friends all over the country! :)

I don't have any quilty pictures to show...hopefully, when we return from our trip I'll be back to sewing. I know I'll be ready! My sewing room is set up enough to sew anytime I'm ready! Oh...I did drop my machine at the LQS to be serviced while we're gone, so I'll have to pick that up first! I figured this was the best time to have it done...while I was away from home and couldn't sew anyway! :)

I thought I'd share a few other pictures with ya...Quilt Inspector Extraordinaire, Smokey, has a new perch in this new house. This little space is between the entry way and the living room...he can keep his eye on everything from here. Usually he is sitting in what seems to be a little bit uncomfortable position...but sometimes he likes to stand in case he has to jump and run to check out any situation that may arise. :)

This picture is from the old house when the packers were there. They use this thick brown paper to wrap up some things that don't go into boxes...and Smokey decided to use his best quilt inspector technique to test it out. I think he prefers the quilts, don't you?

This cute little guy is Alexander. He is DH's third cousin...I think! He's the grandson of his who knows what that works out to be. He's about 7 weeks and just a little cutie! Doesn't he just look like he's all boy?


  1. That baby is too cute! And yes, all boy!!!!

  2. Good luck taking your son to school. That little guy is adorable. Love the picture with the Elvis smile. :o)

  3. What a little cutie!!! 8-)
    I haven't visited you in a while. A lot has been going on in your neck of the woods!
    Your Patchwork Party blocks are looking great! Love the fabrics! Can't wait to see it all put together.
    Your new home looks really nice. Some days I wish I was married to someone that got stationed somewhere different every couple of years... I love change and new adventures. 8-) I look forward to seeing your new sewing room set up. 8-)
    Wishing you safe traveling!

  4. What is it with cats needing to lie in the middle of anything you have out?? :D Ohhhh, that boy is CUTE! Makes me miss my little boy (who is 16 now and towers over me).

  5. Leaving your machine at the LQS to be cleaned while you are away was a great idea! It will be ready to quilt away for you when you get home!


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