Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Couple of finishes....

I finished the Halloween Banner...I know it's a little early for Halloween (tell that to the retail stores!), but I'm going to keep it up for the fall season. I'd love to make something for each season/holiday!

I also finished a set of blocks for a swap. All the blocks are to be stars made from brown and teal/aqua/blue fabrics.

I'm off to play Bunco with the neighbors!


  1. Hi enjoyed seeing all that you are working on. I too love quilts and enjoy seeing projects that other women work on. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  2. Nope! Not too early for Halloween and fall at all! LOL! I think being a quilter, I tend to think ahead at least a month or two, so I'm busily getting the house ready for fall. And you know what? Now that it's almost done, the weather is cooperating nicely by giving us more fall-like temperatures!

  3. You have a fantastic finish! Cute wall hanging!

  4. it is NEVER too early for Halloween Michelle! Great job on the banner and blocks!

  5. Pretty, pretty stars! And I LOVE the Halloween wall-hanging! : )


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