Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Since you asked....

Okay...when I showed pictures of my new sewing room in my last post, many of you asked "Where's your stash?" So, for all you lookie-lou's, here's a couple of pictures of my stash! My closets aren't as neat and tidy as I wish they could be, but I think they are pretty close! My DH built removable shelves at our last base and they fit just fine in the new closet. Each bin is on it's own shelf, so it's easy to remove one bin at a time. Before, I had to take a bunch of bins out to get to the one on the bottom!

I also have this smaller cabinet that holds BOM's, kits, and a few WIP. If you look on the bottom shelf, those flatter style boxes are actually scrapbook boxes from Michael's, but they are perfect for 12" blocks and other WIP.

I also wanted to show you my new little design wall! I got the idea from my friend Shari. It's made from a foam board from Office Max (about $15). It's 36"x48" when fully opened. Here I've left it folded, so it's 24"x36". I've covered it with white flannel. I bought a big enough piece to cover the board if I ever want to open it to the full size. Right now, this size is just enough and it's portable and can be tucked away when not in use. You can see the Quilt Inspector is checking it out, too. I think he approves.


  1. Not as neat as you'd like???? LOL You should get a look at my room...
    I like your space and how organized everything is. I need more of those scrapbooking boxes, they seem to work the nicest :)

    Glad to see you're up and running and sewing. I like the block on your design wall!!!

  2. ahhhh....the case of the "hidden stash" is solved! LOL I really like your little cabinet too...I might have to get me one of those eventually! great job at organizing, now get with the sewin' Missy! (as Peg would say LOL)

  3. Love your Inspector Kitty!! Your new sewing room looks great!!!! Now if it were me, this would last about 2 weeks and then it would be chaos again LOL! How do you like your new town?

  4. Wow! Everything is so neat and tidy! Makes sewing so much more enjoyable! LOL!! Have fun in your new room.

  5. Ahhh, now that's better. Got to see all the stash. That little cabinet is pretty cool to keep the current projects handy. Love the portable design wall, the block and that inspectors pretty darn cute....for a cat! Signed, Liz the Ogre :o)

  6. Thanks for tour of your sewing room! I don't think I could fit all of my WIP or UFO's into your littke cabinet. Yikes!

  7. Good to see another quilt inspector on duty! Oliver says hi.
    Your new sewing room looks great ... so much space.


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