Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The oldest UFO ever!

Well, maybe not the oldest ever...but I'm pretty sure it's MY oldest UFO. I made this top in 1996 when I lived in Ohio. I bought a new sewing machine and one of the 'perks' was that I got to pick a class to take for free. I remember learning how to make those small sawtooth star blocks in the setting strips. It sat as a top until earlier this year when I quilted it on a long arm at a local quilt shop. And today, I finally put the binding on!

The problem with keeping a UFO for so long is that I didn't have any matching fabric for borders or binding...I think it really could have used one more red or blue border, but I just couldn't find a fabric that played nice with these older fabrics. The binding fabric is a pretty good match and I'm sure no one else will even notice it's not the same. :P It's just me being too persnickity.

As you can see, my resident quilt inspector wasted no time doing his part in the quilt making process. As soon as the quilt was on the floor, he went to work!

I am sooo pleased to have this OLD UFO finished...finally!!


  1. It's a pretty UFO, Michelle! Congrats on finishing one up! It does feel good to get those past projects done!

  2. Anonymous6:06 AM

    It's beautiful and gives me encouragement that there's hope for my aging UFOs after all.

  3. It's very nice! I too, have an old ufo that I need to get quilted. I'm not sure what I'm waiting for.

  4. The quilt is really nice Michelle. I for one, think it's perfect just the way it is.....
    And your quilt inspector really gave me a chuckle!!! He's a cutie too!

  5. Congratulations, Michelle! And it looks like you could have made it today. Great inspiration for me.

  6. Congrats on your beautiful finish! It is so much fun to finish up those UFO's!


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