Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We have a WINNER!!

Okay, ladies and gentlemen...the time has come to pick the winner for my Birthday Giveaway! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. It was so fun to have messages for a week wishing me a happy birthday! It kept the celebrating going on for more than just one day!! :)

First off, here is the "pot" with all the names in it....
Of course, I had to enlist the help of my quilt inspector extraordinaire...Smokey! Here he is after I called him in to help. He thought it was a new cat food or something, so he had to give it a few sniffs to check it out....

Once he realized what his responsibilities were, he got right to work...."I think I'll piiiiiick...this one."

"Ummm...noooo....maaaayyyybeeee this one....."

And the winner is......

Angela from The Country Cellar!! Congratulations Angela!! The patterns will soon be on the way to you!!


  1. Congrats to Angela! I have to admit I am a little sad Smokey didn't pick me!

  2. woohooo! Congrats Angela!!! did you pay off that kitty to pick your name, Ange? LOL

  3. WHAT????????? No way!!! Thank you Smokey and Smokey's mommy :) You both made my week. Shoot. MONTH!


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