Sunday, November 23, 2008

A couple of Christmas gifts I can show!

I made two fleece throws today. These are gifts for my youngest niece and nephew. Three years ago (wow...time flies!), at Christmas-time I made fleece blankets for all the nieces and nephews in our family. Well, my sister and sister-in-law were both pregnant that year so those to kiddos-to-be didn't get blankets that year! This year, my sister suggested I make them each one...which I thought was a great idea! Two gifts crossed off the list!!

Of course I had to share a picture of our resident quilt inspector, Smokey. As you can see, he's not a cotton snob...he'll lay down, err, I mean inspect any fabric that I lay out on the floor.


  1. Yay!! 2 gifts off of your Christmas list!! The fleece blankets are so quick and easy, and look so nice when they are finished! And the kids LOVE soft and cuddly!

  2. I like those little fleece throws...they're cute and quick and easy to make!

  3. What great cuddly christmas gifts for your niece and nephew, Michelle! And they're done WELL before the holidays! woohoo!

  4. Aaaw, that Smokey looks like a good helper! ; )


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