Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

I voted this morning (that's my sticker above!) and I have to say I'm happy to live in a small town! :) No long lines for me...in fact, no waiting at all. There was a steady flow of people, which is a good thing, but they had a good system to get us through. The little voting booths were just cardboard partitions and there was a trusty #2 pencil tied to the table with a long string to color in the ovals on our paper ballot! Technology is a great thing, but sometimes nothing beats pencil and paper. :) When I was done voting, I handed my ballot to the official and she dropped it in the box and announced to the room, "Michelle C has voted!" (she did say my whole last name :P ) I felt very official...and a little self conscious, until I realized no one was listening anyway. Anyway, I was glad to do my patriotic duty and exercise my right to vote in this great country of ours!!


  1. Well, that's interesting! I guess having your name announced as having voted would make it seem more official...and more of a privilege! Neat idea. I've never experienced that before, although I've sometimes felt like we were being herded through like so many head of cattle.
    Anyway, thanks for voting, Michelle!

  2. Hmmmm, when I walked in they asked my name, found it in the book, asked me to sign and then when they handed me my ticket to get in line the woman stood up and announced my FULL name too....I thought they did that everywhere.

    It is an honor to vote and not an honor we should take lightly....


  3. That is my sticker too and I am in rural VA!! When I went to the city they had different ones bigger ones! Ha!!We show our ID and they mark it off in the book that we voted. Just wanted to invite you over to my blog for my BD Giveaway!!


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