Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time to catch up....

I've not blogged for a few days and I have lots of pictures to share! The first one is from a blog giveaway I won over at Stella Bella Quilts. I received the package last week, so I'm sorry for the delay in posting the picture. Didn't I receive some awesome goodies! There are two great charm packs, a cute Christmas quilt pattern, note pads, a halloween-y bear, candy (there was a bit more chocolate when it arrived! I admit to snacking on a few!) Thank you so much Gretchen! I love it all!
The next picture is of my ornaments for an exchange...the ornaments are for a Jesse Tree. A Jesse Tree is a way to celebrate Advent in the month of can do a Google search for more info if you want! Twenty-five ladies from our Bible Study are doing the I made 25 sheep and each lady will get a sheep. In return, I'll get a different ornament from each of the other 24 ladies. So in the end, we'll each have 25 different ornaments. It's very similar to a quilt block swap!! :)
Here is a close up of the sheep...I used Warm & White batting for the body and black felt for the ears/feet. I showed them to a friend today and she pointed out that they don't have tails, so I guess I'll go back and give them tails before the exchange.
This is a picture of my first disappearing 9patch top. At a quilt group a week or two ago, I received a nice variety of 5" Christmas charms...when I added them to my already existent stash of Christmas charms, I decided I needed to try and make something with them! I would still like to add another border, but I need to go to a LQS and pick something out!
Lastly...I wanted to show you one of the benefits of working at a Thrift Shop! You get first dibs at the stuff that comes in! I picked up these two books for .25 each!! Now, I need another quilt book like I need a hole in the head, but how can you pass up a quilt book for a quarter??
Until next time....


  1. Your little sheep are too cute!!! How very clever to use batting. So glad you liked the giveaway! I don't think any quilter would pass up books for a quarter...

  2. Score on all the loot!

    I have the Fast Fun & Fabulous book - I love it and won't give it up! It's one of the FEW books (maybe the only one!) that I've made multiple projects from. In fact, I think I'll go pull it out and get some holiday inspiration...

  3. Your sheep are so cute, Michelle!! And, when we raised sheep, we always docked their tails, so not all sheep have tails!! LOL!!! Congrats on winning the blog giveaway!!

  4. Michelle, your sheep are adorable! I'm going to make a batch of those myself. Will you show us pictures of the ornaments you receive in the swap?

  5. Cute sheep Michelle. And great Christmas quilt. Man, you are a busy woman!

  6. Aaaw, I love those sweet little sheep! Your Disappearing Nine Patch looks great! That's on my long list of things to try one day! My office is across the street from a thrift shop, and I have to stop myself from going in there too often. If I worked there--yikes! I don't know what I'd do! : )

  7. Love your sheepies. I miss our Retreat ornie exchanges.


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