Wednesday, December 17, 2008's cold outside!

I put a new weather widget thingy on the's been pretty chilly here the last couple of days. I woke up this morning and the Weatherbug on my computer said "0". Brrr!! We're supposed to get more snow by tomorrow night too.

Our youngest Zach is home for Christmas break! It's so good to see him again...even the animals were happy to see him. In this picture is Whiskers...and she is usually shy around "strangers," so obviously Zach isn't a stranger to her. :) I wish our daughter Megan was able to come home too...but not this year. We saw her at Thanksgiving though and hopefully she'll be able to visit soon!
Here is another picture of our tree. I was trying out different settings on my camera and found one that enabled me to take a picture that also showed off the twinkle lights. I love our tree. :)

Keep warm!


  1. I"m glad the weather didn't prevent your son from getting home from Delaware. Enjoy your time with him. I'm sure it will go too fast for all of you, though. Your tree looks very pretty.

  2. Yippee! Your son made it home! Enjoy each other!

  3. Great picture of the tree! So, what were the settings you used? :-)

  4. Gorgeous tree! Enjoy your son's visit.

  5. Hi ZACH!!! Welcome home!!!
    Your tree looks nice Michelle....
    Enjoy the holiday...


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