Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa's Workshop?

Apparently I took a bit of a blogging break! No real reason except that this time of year seems to be busy, busy, busy! Last week it felt as though every minute of the day was scheduled with a "must do" event or project. I'm happy to say that this week is a little less busy, but I have been working on some Christmas projects with a deadline! I can't post pictures of some of the things because I don't want to spoil any surprises!

I do have some pictures to share though! The first one is a little craft I found online for our squadron Children's Christmas party. I think it's just the cutest little thing! And so simple really...

The next picture is of the best candy on the planet!! LOL My family looks forward every year to these to Christmas candies that I make. The chocolate on the right is called "noodle candy" and I think my Nana started making it probably 30+ years ago. The candies on the left are "buckeyes," I guess because they look like buckeye nuts. This is a recipe I got from a friend that was from Ohio...another nice benefit of moving so much and meeting people from all parts of the country! Yummy!!
This is a quickie table runner that I made for my husband's secretary...I pretty sure she doesn't read my blog. :) It's made all from stash and was fast and easy to put together...a plus for those last minute gifts! :P

Here you can see Smokey "inspecting" my I've said before, he takes his job very seriously...actually, he is also enamoured by the safety pins and I know he's just waiting for one to jump out so he can taste it! He's been scolded a time or two for getting too close to the pins, so he's keeping his distance. :)

Not to be is the elusive Quilt Inspector #2, Whiskers. While I was on the floor pinning the table runner, she was in the chair next to me watching from above. She'll let Smokey do the grunt work on the floor while she "supervises" from the comfort of a chair. This is one of her favorite spots and many times I have to share the seat while I sew. She's very generous, isn't she?

Lastly, here is a picture of Travis putting up a few lights outside. We didn't do too much this year, just a simple strand along the roofline. We live in base housing and they happen to be brand new (which is wonderful!), but they are being strict about not putting nails, etc, anywhere on the exterior. The houses are still under warranty with the builder for one year and it's actually the warranty company setting the rules. They even prohibited flagpoles at first! How well do you think that went over on a military base??? Needless to say, flagpole brackets are permitted now. Anyway, I'm happy with what he was able to put up and it's even on a timer, so no one has to run out in the cold to turn off the lights at night! :)

How are you coming along with your holiday preparations? I've still got a bit of shopping, wrapping, and mailing left to do...but I know it will get done! Just have to keep chipping away at my list.
Until next time....


  1. Love the cute reindeer craft and the runner is super-terrific. I guess you're getting excited to see your son. Will this be the first you have seen him since you dropped him off in Delaware for school?

  2. Hey, Michelle!

    I love the little Rudolph pot! Cute! I always have a hard time coming up with cute containers for holiday treats.

    I love your runner, too. Tell your quilt inspectors they are doing a good job! : )

  3. Great pics Michelle! Soooo..where's the recipes for the goodies??? you're gonna tease us like that and not tell us how to make our own Buckeyes? LOL or the Noodle Candies??? Your little reindeer is cute too ;) Does Travis think he's Santa up on the rooftop there? LOL


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