Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yummy new candy treat! (to me anyway)

My friend, Peggy, emailed a link for a yummy holiday treat that looked super fast and easy to make. The original recipe calls for "round" mini pretzels. Little did she know, she started a flurry of activity as people up and down the eastern seaboard (and Idaho) searched for these round pretzels. Internet orders were placed, phone calls to husbands to stop at the store were made...the hunt is on for round pretzels! :)

Alas, here in Idaho, we settled on regular "mini twist" pretzels that are found readily at the commissary. I think they turned out quite nicely. They are tasty too!


  1. Those look yummy Michelle! I'll have to try them with the mini twists since I just can't find the round pretzels locally ;)

  2. I love those! One of my coworkers always makes them. You know what else is good? Dipping the wide end of one of those "Bugles" snacks in melted almond bark, then putting an M&M in it. Yum!


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