Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Yellow Brick Road good enough to EAT!!

grrr...I don't know why the pictures aren't clickable...sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't!

Remember this kit that I showed you a couple of weeks ago? The girls and I got together this week and assembled our Yellow Brick Road quilts! They are turning out really fun! Everyone is adding a unique touch to their quilt top by making the borders a bit different. I added a 1" gold border around mine before adding the pretzel border. The gold is also what I am using for the back. The flash really washes out the true colors of this quilt, btw. It's much more colorful in real life. I'll take pictures of all the other tops at some point too...not all of them are completely assembled just yet.

Of course, Smokey had to check out the new quilt top. It's not the best picture of him, but it gives a closer look at some of the fabric so you can see the snacks!
We are trying to come up with a fun name for this quilt...since there are 4 of us each making it...maybe something to include "friends," "friendship"...but also "snacks" or "food" or "fun." I just don't know...I'm not creative that way!! LOL


  1. Well....friendly sure speaks true of your group and food is what is on the quilt, but....I doubt this could TRUTHFULLY be called Friendly Foods. (In MY house...and on my hips...these would not be friendly foods...but I love them anyway!!!) Love the idea of doing this quilt with those fabrics! Maybe when you post it again, the pictures WILL be clickable. I don't understand that myself...why it works sometimes but not other times.

  2. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I love these fabrics! Smokey was hanging around when you first posted about them, so he must like them too.
    Maybe his name should be in the quilt name -- "Smokey's Snacks" or "Friends of Smokey". Can you tell I like kitty cats?

  3. Hi Michelle, Glad to see Smokey is all mended and back on the job.
    How about "Snack Pack" for the quilt name.

  4. What a fun quilt! Smokey really likes it. How about "Smokey's Snacks Shack"?
    Your blog looks great! Love the owl!!!!

  5. How fun! Makes me hungry, though!! LOL!!!

  6. NICE looking YBR quilt!

  7. That top is so cute, Michelle! I really love the colors--the brown in there looks so snuggly.


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