Saturday, February 21, 2009

A UFO Finished!!

I'm in a UFO Challenge with a Yahoo group I belong to and here is my first official finish of the challenge. These little pinwheels were from a retreat block exchange...the retreat was last May, so they haven't been a UFO for too terribly long. :)
I plan to use this little quilt as a table topper for the spring months on my coffee table. It's so bright and cheery!

I just had to show you yet another picture of my ever faithful quilt inspector. As expected, as soon as I put the quilt on the floor to take a picture, he came over and plopped down on it to do his inspection.
I had to snap this picture too, I think it's too cute that Whiskers just watches Smokey's antics from afar. She was quite the quilt inspector in her younger she leaves the hard work to the younger kids. :P

Have a happy, quilty weekend!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Double Delight and Old UFO Progress!

It's been a productive weekend here in Idaho. :) Look what I completed! I finished all 30 blocks from the Double Delight Mystery Quilt! Woohoo! I love these blocks. One side note though...I've made the executive decision to set them a bit differently than the original design! You'll have to watch for an update to see what I've come up with. I had to order some fabric though, but as soon as it comes in, I'll get back to work on it!

In the meantime, I pulled out a BOB (Bag 'O Blocks) to work on. The blocks are from two seperate swaps from 2-3 years ago...time to do something with them! I signed up for a UFO Challenge on a Yahoo group that I belong to and this was #1 on my list. Not because it was my #1 priority, it literally was #1 on the I just started with that! I love this block. It's My Blue Heaven from Quilter's Cache. I'm so happy to have this top sewn together and the borders on. I love the secondary design that it makes. I'm going to piece a backing for it, but then I'll have to pack it away for now until I make a trip to Boise for some batting.

Last, I wanted to show you what my Double Delight blocks looked like this morning when I woke up. I mistakenly left them on the floor when I went to bed last night...and Smokey, aka quilt inspector #2, decided they needed to be rearranged. :) He's so helpful.... If you look closely, you can see Whiskers, aka quilt inspector #1, peeking out from her basket. Can you see her?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little progress on the Double Delight Mystery...

I'm still slowly but surely working on the Double Delight Mystery. I'm on Step 3...which is the red/white 9 patches. I have to make 130 of them!! I've made about 40 so far and I couldn't hold out any longer. I just HAD to put one block together to see how it looked. I love it! My favorite part is the sawtooth star that pops out around the 9patch. The block measures 9.5" (unfinished, of course). I only need 29 more of 20 setting blocks. :P I go to make a gazillion or so more 9patches!! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I did it...with time to spare!

I finished the Valentine Wallhanging in plenty of time before Valentine's Day! Yay!! I'm so happy! This is only my second official finish of 2009, so I'm behind my own personal power curve. :)

Last year, due to a UFO challenge I participated in, by this time I had 5-6 finishes. I'm in the challenge again this year, so now it's time to buckle down and work on those darn UFO's!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

McCall Winter Carnival

We went to McCall, Idaho, this weekend for their Winter Carnival. Part of the carnival are the amazing ice sculptures. Apparantely there weren't as many this year, but what we saw was pretty awesome! It was a gorgeous sunny day up there...the snow was still beautiful, but it wasn't too cold to enjoy it! :) Enjoy the cuts some of the pictures off, so I think you can click the link below to see the full pics!

McCall Winter Carnival

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More catching up...quilty stuff this time!

Finally...I'm back with those promised quilty pictures. Even among all the busyness, I have been sewing a little here and there the last few weeks.

I finished this a while ago, but realized I didn't post a picture. It's Block 9 from the Capricorn BOM.
At last, here is my Step 2 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight Mystery. Yes, this was a New Year's Eve mystery and I'm only on step 2!! Oh well...slow and steady! There are 120 square in a square blocks in that stack! At least, I'm hoping there is 120!! LOL first official finish of 2009!! DianeH (no blog) suggested the name "Snack Pack" for the quilt and I love it! We are all going to make labels for these quilts with the title "Fun Friday Snack Pack!" (we try to get together most Fridays to quilt, and all 4 of us made this quilt)

Thought I'd show you the back. :) I used some of my backing fabric for the little accent border on the front, so I was short for backing....but look! Using my leftover blocks made it back to the perfect size. I love it when I "use up everything" when making a quilt...does anyone else feel that way?

astly, here is a Valentine wall hanging that I just started this week. It's an old Debbie Mumm pattern called From My Heart that I believe was a freebie on her website years ago. The top is done and now it's ready for button hole stitching and quilting. I'm determined to have this on my wall before the 14th!! :)

Zach goes back to school tomorrow. :( I'm sad he's leaving, but I know the time has to come sometime. I know he is looking forward to getting back to "work." I just hate goodbyes...but I know it's really just "see you later."

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lots of catching up to do....

Wow...where does the time go? I just can't believe how fast the weeks are flying's February already!! Zach heads back to school on Friday. :( His school seems to have an exceptionally long winter was nice to have him home for so long. I told him that I would be sad when he left no matter how long he was home! It's just one of those Mom things, right?
Anyway...I have a lot to catch up on and share with you! First thing is the Honest Scrap Tag that is floating around blogland. I'm not good at these list things...but I'll give it a try. I need to reveal 10 honest things about myself that I have never blogged about, as well as list 5 addictions. Then I'm to tag 5 of my blogging friends to do the same. So here goes:
  1. I'm married to my High School Sweetheart (will be 24 years in June!)....he's always been my best friend and the best husband ever!

  2. Since we married, we have lived in 14 states/countries....thanks to the Air Force. :)

  3. I've always dreamed of learning to play the piano and I one of these days, I will!

  4. I have ALWAYS owned at least one cat for as long as I can remember. My first 2 cats were given to me at my 4th birthday because we were moving into a house that allowed animals (or so that's how I remember it), one of them was named Henrietta (remember the New Zoo Review?) I don't remember the name of the other one. :(

  5. My nickname used to be Missy, although not everyone called me's on the Christmas stocking my mom knitted for me when I was little and I still use when I'm home for Christmas.

  6. I am a reality show junkie...well, not all reality shows, but definitely Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol, and The Biggest Loser.

  7. I won a first place ribbon at the county fair for the first sewing project I made in Home was an applique apron!

  8. I joined the Handchimes Choir at our church here on the base.

  9. I don't read #8 is a bit of a challenge! But I'm learning. :)

  10. I am super afraid of spiders...always have been, always will be.

My five addictions: anything quilty related (fabric, etc), playing word games on the computer (Pathwords, Scramble, Text Twist, etc), chocolate, diet pepsi, the computer

Now I need to tag a few other I'll tag Gretchen, Jennifer, and Sherri.

Whew....I did it!! that took a lot longer than I thought and now I need to make dinner. So I'll save the quilty picture updates for a little later tonight!