Thursday, February 05, 2009

More catching up...quilty stuff this time!

Finally...I'm back with those promised quilty pictures. Even among all the busyness, I have been sewing a little here and there the last few weeks.

I finished this a while ago, but realized I didn't post a picture. It's Block 9 from the Capricorn BOM.
At last, here is my Step 2 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight Mystery. Yes, this was a New Year's Eve mystery and I'm only on step 2!! Oh well...slow and steady! There are 120 square in a square blocks in that stack! At least, I'm hoping there is 120!! LOL first official finish of 2009!! DianeH (no blog) suggested the name "Snack Pack" for the quilt and I love it! We are all going to make labels for these quilts with the title "Fun Friday Snack Pack!" (we try to get together most Fridays to quilt, and all 4 of us made this quilt)

Thought I'd show you the back. :) I used some of my backing fabric for the little accent border on the front, so I was short for backing....but look! Using my leftover blocks made it back to the perfect size. I love it when I "use up everything" when making a quilt...does anyone else feel that way?

astly, here is a Valentine wall hanging that I just started this week. It's an old Debbie Mumm pattern called From My Heart that I believe was a freebie on her website years ago. The top is done and now it's ready for button hole stitching and quilting. I'm determined to have this on my wall before the 14th!! :)

Zach goes back to school tomorrow. :( I'm sad he's leaving, but I know the time has to come sometime. I know he is looking forward to getting back to "work." I just hate goodbyes...but I know it's really just "see you later."

Happy Quilting!



  1. Loved the things you showed in your post today. And...regarding Zach...just think of it this way...the sooner he goes back for this semester, the sooner you'll be seeing him again!

  2. Hey Michelle, Thanks for using my
    suggestion, love the name 'Fun Friday Snack Pack'. All your quilts look great. I'm busy making four of Gail Pan's A Christmas Wish BOM's and I need something to put up for Valentines. Take care.

  3. Well, I'm eating your dust on the Capricorn BOM... that's probably because you occasionally work on yours!

    The "Snack Pack" title is perfect - the quilt reminds me of a Snickers bar!

    And rah-rah, you can do it! on Bonnie's "mystery" - The finished quilt is sooooo gorgeous - probably my favorite of all her mysteries!!

  4. Cute, cute heart quilt!

  5. love the friday snack pack. i love the pieced back too and try to do the same with my quilts!!


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