Friday, March 27, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? It hasn't found it's way to Southern Idaho just yet. Oh, we've had a few teaser days of sunshine and warmer temps, but just when you think, "Yay, Spring is here!" BAM...below freezing temps screech back in and Jack Frost laughs his frozen little toes off. I love winter and all the fun things associated with it (Christmas, skiing, etc), but when the calendar says "spring," I get impatient for warmer weather, short sleeve shirts and flower pots!! :)

I have been doing a little sewing while buckled down inside the warm house. I finished my version of the Thimbleberries 2007 quilt. I wasn't particularly fond of some of the fabrics used in the borders of the original quilt, and I really didn't need/want to make a bed size quilt. So the solution was to just take what I had and finish it into a lapsize top! It needs quilting still, but for now, I'm happy it's finished to this point and I can add it to my stack of tops.

I did get a quilt top quilted and I'm currently sewing the binding on. This is the top before quilting. It's made from a Quilter's Cache block called "My Blue Heaven." The blocks came from a birthday swap, where all the members sent me a block during my birthday month. :) I'll post another picture as soon as the binding is finished.

My friend Robin found this cute little pattern. It's called an Abbey Bag. The three of us (Peggy, Robin, and I) are all going to make one to take to our quilting retreat that is coming up in May. I needed a gift for a friend this weekend, so I decided to test out the pattern. Isn't it cute? It was pretty simple too...just follow the directions! What a concept, huh? LOL Ironically, the fabrics are from the Thimbleberries 2007 line...but that's because I still had some of them out on my table after finishing the top I mentioned above! :)

Hope you all have a happy, quilty, springy weekend!


  1. Michelle, I love this little scrap bag/pin cushion! I also love your Thimbleberries 2007 quilt. It has components I always like a lot, especially the house and tulips.
    Lovely projects!

  2. I like that bag...what a useful item. I have a pattern for something similar and have made it, but I like yours better.

  3. YAY...3 wonderful finished projects Michelle....Good week for you :)

  4. Lots of great projects, Michelle! Congrats on getting the TB quilt done, even if it is a modified version. I have considered doing the same thing with the 2008 TB quilt top I'm working on. For some reason, I'm not liking it as well as the 2007, and I'm ready to be done with it!!

  5. That bag is adorable! Yay for you for following the instructions! I always thinks to myself, "Hmm...why are they doing it like that? Wouldn't it be easier to do it like this?" The pattern is usually right, though! I just wind up making it harder for myself in the end!


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