Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Retreat Project...

Here is another retreat surprise. These little bags are made from the pattern called BB Bags. I found mine at my LQS and the only place I have found it online was at Ericas. Not trying to endorse a particular online shop, but just in case someone might want to try this pattern! :)

I think these little bags are perfect for shopping...especially quilt shop shopping!! There are two zippered pockets, one in the front:

And one inside...along with two more regular pockets inside. There is also a pocket on the back.

I made a total of 7 of these bags! I also gave them to the Fun Friday girls (see previous post!), but I didn't mention it before because I didn't want to ruin the surprise for Peggy and Robin!
Retreat pictures to come soon! Have a quilty weekend!


  1. These bags look great for shopping! They could be carried across the body so they don't weigh down one shoulder. I'm always in awe of anyone who makes multiples of one item! I find myself drained by making just one, then never go back and make more. Perhaps practice would make a second one easier and quicker, but so far I haven't done that. This is an inspiration!

  2. Very cute. I, too, have serious trouble doing multiples of the same item.....even if I use different fabrics.

  3. What a great bag, and indeed, the perfect size. I also like the fact that you can carry it across your body, for hands free shoping.
    Off to check out the pattern at Erica's! Thanks :-)!

  4. Michelle, Hey, it's me Cootie Bug aka Connie W from retreat. I had your blog in my sidebar but hadn't connected you with your blog until the retreat. I am home and having coffee while updating my sidebar with new friends' blogs. I didn't get to say goodbye at breakfast after all because I left early to take Vickie to the airport. I hope your travel home is/was safe. I had a wonderful time the entire retreat and am so glad to have met you and made another new friend. See you around blogland!

  5. Wonderful purses! I have that pattern, but haven't made any yet. Is there any tricks or tips you'd share about the pattern?

  6. Love this purse!


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