Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Away at Retreat....

Helloooo! If I do this right, this message will post while I'm away at retreat! How cool is that?

I'm lucky enough to get to go on a 4 day quilting retreat in Indiana. I'll meet some quilty friends that I met through a Yahoo group and they have been meeting for this annual retreat for something like 5 years!

I can finally show you the surprises I've been working on. First, I made two of my bestest quilty friends a Raggedy Annie doll (and one for me!). This pattern is from Raggedy Old Annies. I've made dolls throughout my crafting years and these were pretty easy to put with anything, if you just follow the steps, it'll come together! :)

There are lots of here goes!

Here are their body is parts!

As you can see, I found a secondary use for my lamp...perfect for hanging "wet legs." :P I painted on their socks and little black shoes. Also, see all those zipper packages? That's another project...more pics coming!

Their socks are complete! And look at those Zombie eyes! Creepy....

No surprise, Smokey is keeping an eye on things....

All the parts are connected now and look at their cute faces! Everything is embroidered, except I used little buttons for the eyes. 'scuse the nakedness....
....they need to put on their dresses and bloomers.

but first, they need a "tan" session...they were painted with coffee! Here they are hanging outside to dry!

The clothes were dunked into the coffee too.

TaDa!!! They are dressed AND have hair!!!

Aren't they cute? We need to come up with names for them...

Hope you enjoyed seeing the progress of my doll making adventure. I had fun making them! I hope Peggy and Robin will like them too!!
In the next post, I'll show ya where I used all those zippers in the picture above!


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I giggled my way through all the photos, especially the legs hanging from the lamp! I think their names are obvious -- Peggy, Robin and Michelle. ;)

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Meant to add -- they are the *cutest*!

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! Peggy and Robin are very lucky to get such a sweet Annie!

  4. Those dollies turned out so cute! It was so good to see you at the Retreat! : )

  5. somehow missed this post...what cute Raggedy Ann Dolls~


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