Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally...some Retreat pics!

I don't know why my pictures are never "clickable" to enlarge them. grrr....anyone know how I fix that?

Retreat was wonderful! It was so nice to see my buddies Peggy and Robin, but also to see all the ladies in the group again and to get to know them better. There are lots of stories to share...everything from fallen trees and wicked thunder storms to scary Glade air fresheners!

I'll start by sharing a few pictures:

We started out our week by stopping at Back Door Quilts in Indianapolis. It was a great shop with lots of kits, fabric, and wool projects. As different groups brought back their purchases, everyone would say, "I didn't see that!" I don't think you could see it all in one trip! Look at our bags of loot!
Left to right: Robin, Peggy, Lori, Conni, me

Here are a couple pictures of our "sewing room." It was a great facility!

On the left is our wonderful Hostess, Angela and the always smiling, Liz.

Here is the table of pincushions waiting for our exchange to start. I made the brown, spotted chickens.

Here is Robin...her eyes are a little googly after all that late night sewing! :)
This was a bit of an impromtu retreat of the girls had made a cute little basket from the pattern on this blog. The idea spread like wildfire and everyone just had to have one!

Peggy brought a boat load of scraps for anyone to use...actually, that's what it made it possible for everyone to make those baskets! Thanks Peg! Here are Peggy and Lori looking for treasures in the scrap pile.
Here are a couple of my gifties and also some door prize wins. Peggy made that cute little "grey" hair pincushion and Robin gave me the pink flamigo. And of course, that's my little Raggedy doll.

The first day of retreat, there was severe thunderstorms that struck the entire midwest. This tree landed on Conni's car that was just 10 feet or so from our building. We are thankful that the tree didn't fall even the slightest bit different as it would have landed on us!! You can see, her car is a total suitcase was in the backseat and Conni's was in the trunk! They were able to get them out the next day when the tree was removed. Mine was just a little rain soaked, but Conni's suitcase was mangled! I'm sure you can see why!

A couple of the gals wanted Conni to have a momento of BPF Retreat 2009, so they made her this "tree on a car" pincushion. Isn't it hilarious! It's perfect though!

I think that's enough for now! In the next post, I'll share the pictures of the projects I completed and a few other things!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Michelle!

    Your first picture is clickable. The others aren't clickable - probably because you moved them. It's how you move them that causes them to become unclickable. There are tutorials out there, but I'd be happy to try to help out and tell you how I move mine.

  2. Great retreat photos!!! It looks like so much fun (except for the tree--oh my!) Very clever to commemorate the event with the pincushion though. I am sure your friend will never forget this retreat. Can't wait to see your projects.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    What wonderful memories (except for the tree falling). At least everyone stayed safe. Love the baskets -- off to look at that link. Thanks for the photo fun!

  4. I had the same problems with my photos when I started blogging and then I found a tutorial that explained it. Apparently if you move them in the compose mode they won't enlarge. You have to move them in the html mode. It's not hard once you do it a time or two! Glad you had a good retreat! :0)

  5. Oh my gosh! That storm, and then the "tree on a car" pincushion is hilarious! Not the storm or the crushed car part. What a fun time you had!

  6. great pictures, Michelle! It's a treat to "see" some of the Birthday Runaways who I've never met in person... how about a retreat further west one day?


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