Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little of this and a little of that....

First off, I want to thank MichelleB and Terry for explaining to me why my pictures are sometimes not clickable! The reason is because I move them around in the "compose" mode...I guess that changes something and they lose their clickableness (is that a word?). Anyway, if you need to move a picture after it is uploaded, you have to switch to html mode and cut and paste the pictures code. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to soon...I can't ever seem to load the pictures in the right order! LOL

Next, I wanted to tell you about this giveaway at the Silver Thimble Talk blog...I know this decreases my chance to win, but that's okay. I want to make sure all my friends have a chance to win too!! :)

We camped this weekend in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. It was gorgeous! Except for a little rain for most of one night and part of the next day, the weather was perfect! We hiked the mountains, played a little in the water (a tad too chilly this early in the year).

Instead of boring you with pictures of camping, I'll just post a link to my webshots album! :)

Red Fish Lake, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

And finally! Here are a couple of pictures of the projects I completed while at retreat. I didn't accomplish as much as I'd hoped, but I'm happy with these two FINISHED table runners that I came home with. I made progress on a couple others...but these are finished!!! (and I'm moving them in html mode, so let's hope it works and you can click them to see a larger picture!)

This runner is made from a kit that Robin gave me at retreat. It's a free pattern called Oh Cherry Oh Tablerunner from the Moda Bake Shop website. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Next is runner from Thimbleberries and Peggy put together a kit for me! Don't I have the bestest friends? They know how to hook a girl up! This is one hugemongous tablerunner! Luckily I have a large table, so it will fit just fine.

Here's a picture of Whiskers performing her rarely seen in public Quilt Inspector duties. I thought it was a good picture to show you how big this baby is.

And a close up of the snowmen...aren't they cute! I decided to use orange buttons for their little noses. :)

I think that's all for now! Happy Quilting!


  1. The camping trip looks fabulous and I love your runners. I move my photos around and they always stay clickable......so maybe I'm always in that html mode and it doesn't affect the photos when I move them? Once in awhile lately, though, mine turn SIDEWAYS after I download them....which infuriates me!!!

  2. Love your table runners...especially the one with cherries. Very summery!

  3. Great table runners! Yes, you have some wonderful friends.

  4. I have some of that O Cherry O fabric. Your table runner shows off how beautiful it is!

  5. You do have the bestest friends :)

    That is one ginormous tablerunner...can't wait to finish mine.


  6. You're welcome Michelle! I'm happy to help when I can! And your table runners are beautiful! :0)

  7. I'm so glad Whiskers approves! LOL! : )


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