Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Caught up.....

It feels good to be caught up on at least one thing! I was two months behind on my Thimbleberries Club blocks...but now they are done! I'm still not sure how crazy I am about this year's club quilt, but I do like making the different blocks each month. Keeps things interesting. :)

Of course, Smokey had to jump up and check out the blocks out while they were on my mini design wall. He's such a diligent employee. He even posed for a picture.

I also wanted to show you this new set of storage drawers. I was starting to feel like baskets of this and baskets of that were overflowing and starting to take over my room. I love baskets and using them in practical ways, but they were getting so full, it just looked sloppy and cluttery. These drawers solved that problem! The top drawer is my "bags of blocks" stash...blocks waiting to be set into quilt. The middle drawer holds my stash of quilt kits, and the bottom drawer is my scrap stash...waiting to be cut into usuable pieces. ...someday.... Anyway, I'm really pleased with my new "filing" system. Oh, stacked on top are my quilt tops that need to be quilted.

Last, I wanted to show you a picture of a hummingbird that came into our yard. I was so surprised...we don't live in an area that you would think hummingbirds would be attracted too. Not many trees in close proximity. We didn't even have a feeder out the first time I saw him...I think he was checking out a hanging flower basket. So the next morning, I put out this feeder and sat down on the patio and within just a few minutes, he was back! Unfortunately, I haven't seen him again and I can tell nobody has eaten any food. I've changed the food a couple of times, thinking the it might have gone bad. But no luck, he's moved on. I'll keep putting out the feeder, hoping another one will come by.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Anonymous6:15 AM

    We all need that kind of drawer organization, I think. Looks like it will work very well for you -- can tell at a glance what's waiting.


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