Monday, June 15, 2009


Happy Monday!! :) Okay, now don't smack me...I know Mondays aren't the happiest of days. You know what they say, fake it 'till you make it! :) I have been sewing a bit...but once again, I'm making some surprises, so I can't show them here just yet. :) Instead I have some random pics from the last couple of weeks...

College boy, Zach, has been home just over a week, and I sure am enjoying having him home. :) I know the days of having him here all to myself are numbered...the older he gets, the less and less time he'll be here and soon he'll have his own life and career in the Air Force and who knows how much I'll get to see him then. We moved to Idaho just a couple weeks before he left for college, so he doesn't really have any friends here to hang out we've been spending our evenings playing Rockband and board games. He's always been our "game" boy. The picture above was taken last week at a place called Balanced Rock in Idaho.

This is a picture of Zach that I pulled off of Facebook. It was taken by a fellow ROTC cadet...but I liked it! :) It kind of gives me a glimpse of his future and the man he is becoming. ....sigh....

This is a picture of my new baby! Baby Lock Espire, that is. Yes, I have a new machine! My "dream" machine has given me one headache after another for the two years that I owned was hard to admit that I wasn't happy with the dream machine and that I needed to make the decision to try another dream! :) So far, I'm very pleased with this one. I love the thread cutting feature and that it tells me when the bobbin is low! know how many times I've sewn chains of fabric only to find I've run out of bobbin! (I know we've all done that....) Here is a picture of the first project I sewed on my new machine. I made Bitty Baby clothes for my neice's birthday! All she wanted was boy clothes for her bitty baby twin...

We have had TONS of rain here in southern Idaho. It seems very unusual for there to be so much rain and in fact, we've been under flood warnings the last few days. We're in the middle of the desert, for goodness sake! I just heard on the radio that we've received twice the amount of regular rainfall for this year. This picture was taken driving home from the Balanced Rock trip (see above). The clouds looked much more menacing in real life! :) We seriously thought a tornado was going to form at any minute! We've lived in all parts of the country and have experienced plenty of severe weather storms...this one ranked right up there at the top of the worst. It was exciting though. I took a video and tried to upload it, because I just knew I was going to catch a tornado forming and then I could get famous sending it to the news channels. :) Just a few minutes later, there was so much hail on the ground, it looked like snow. My camera had ran out of battery power though from all the videos I took! :P

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congrats on the new "Dream Machine"!! It's one I've been looking at, too! Enjoy every moment you can snatch with your kids...they are few and far between!!

  2. Cool rock! And those clouds sure look scary to me! Glad you didn't see a tornado!

  3. Your blog looks so cute! Your new machine looks great! Pretty cool rock also. And I love the Bitty Baby clothes. Good thing my granddaughter didn't think of that!

  4. Great pics Michelle! And I love your new background and all!

  5. Our weather has been odd in recent months, too. I wish it would get back to "normal". I didn't know Zach was going into the Air Force after college. (He certainly experienced Air Force life over the years, so I'm sure he knows what it's like!) Good luck with the new machine!!!

  6. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Lots of rain in south Jersey too. We are actually growing white patches of mold on the ground outside our house.
    The machine and what you have done with it look great! I'm interested in the "flat bed" -- did you add that or did it come with the machine?
    I'd love to have something like that on my machine.

  7. A great post full of updates. How nice to have your son home for awhile. Congrats on your new machine!!! Hope you have many happy sewing days with it. I love the storm photo--very dramatic. As long as nothing horrible happens, I love severe weather and find it fascinating.

  8. Oooh, congrats on the new machine. That looks fun. I love the doll clothes you made. So sweet!

  9. Michelle, I loved when the kids came home from college. Now they're around all the time and I love it! He's pretty strong to balance that big rock. What a stud. LOL
    I LOVE your new machine! I used one of those at a retreat sponsored by a sewing store. I loved it and have seriously considered buying one of those and giving up my Pfaff. That's serious! :o) I hope it doesn't give you any grief.


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