Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Delivery

I received a wonderful Christmas package from one of my BFF's Peggy. She always puts together the bestest packages and this year was no exception. Just look at the wonderful goodies.

Do you see that cute prim dollie? It's part of my gift from Peggy, but our dear friend Angela made her. She is just so special...I'll love her always. I'm going to call her Holly. You know, like Christmas Holly. :) Okay, maybe that's kind of corny, but I like it.

Thanks for all the goodies Peggy! :)


  1. I clicked on the photo to see your package goodies up close and WOW.....that is one heck of a GREAT package!!! I think the name Holly is very cute....and most appropriate, too!

  2. Wow! Your lucky to have a great friend who could get Santa to deliver all that! Just stopping by to wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas.


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