Thursday, December 17, 2009

crazy for yo-yo's!

Do you love yo-yo's? I love them and I'm always looking for new ideas to use them. So what's a girl to do with a gazillion green yo-yo's??

Make Christmas tree ornaments!

I found a similar idea online about 3-4 years ago, but I don't remember where it was so I can't give proper credit. But this is what I came up with...I think they are adorable! :)

I made 22 of these babies! That's 88 yo-yo's! I'm giving one to each of the volunteers at the thrift shop. I hope they like them!

Also, I went to a small cookie exchange this morning. These are a few of the cookies that I brought...simple santas made from nutter butter cookies. They were a big hit!

Off to accomplish more Christmas preparations...

Happy Quilting!


  1. these are adorable ornaments , wow they had better love them! that was so nice of you to do .
    how did you make the cookies, is their a recipe out there?
    my kids love nutter butters and would love these too

  2. I agree with Kathie...the ornaments are adorable. AND...I also would like to know how you did those cookies. SMART idea to start out with an already-made cookie....that appeals to me a LOT.

  3. Those ornaments are so cute! I received one very similar at my guild's Christmas ornament exchange on Monday. I want to make some for next Christmas!

  4. love the yo yo ornaments and those cookies...

  5. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Adorable yo-yo ornaments! And the Nutter Butter Santas are ingenious -- so perfect not to start from scratch and bake the cookies first! Plus, I love Nutter Butters. :)

  6. Those trees are absolutely adorable! What a clever idea to do with yo yos.

    I love the cute cookies too. I see why they were such a hit!

  7. toooooooooooooo cute!!

  8. Turkeys...Santas...what else can you do with Nutter Butters?????!!!!

  9. Super cute trees! And Conni's right...turkeys..santas...what's next? can you make a nutter butter cupid for Valentines? LOL

  10. Wow, Michelle! That is a LOT of yoyo's! I'm not sure I'm that patient. : )

    Those Santa cookies are too cute!

  11. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Take a look at Terry Atkins recent post. There is a picture of a green yoyo Christmas tree with white buttons. Oh, so cute. Merry Christmas. Ohio Star in Texas


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