Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Santa's helpers

I had two helpers tonight while working on "secret" projects. If you'll notice, they are in the same exact spot in each picture. As soon as Smokey jumped down, Whiskers jumped up and took his place. I think they were actually a little put out because I was using the table of them usually sleeps on the table when I have the lamp on. It puts out a lot of heat!
Sorry I can't share more pictures of what I'm working on...but it's the season for surprises! :)
Happy Quilting!


  1. pretty cats & they look like they have nice personalities.I'm sure they were a big help :)

  2. WHAT??????????? no sneak peek? Hmmm....Please can we see LOL

  3. we needa sneak peek Michelle!! LOL great kitties ;)

  4. Such great helpers!! Hope Santa brings his helpers some kitty toys too.

  5. LOL! You are lucky to have such nice helpers!


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