Monday, February 22, 2010

Coupla finishes!

My mom was here the last 5 days or so and we enjoyed our visit together, even if it was too short! She's a knitter and crocheter, so she always brings a project or two along wherever she goes. We watched the Olympics in the evenings and worked on our projects. I was able to get the binding sewn on these:

This mini is called Puzzling the Old Maid. Robin and I are doing this as a Quilt of the Month from Temecula Quilt Shop. Check out Robin's blog and see how different it looks with different fabrics. We were surprised to have received such different fabrics from the same BOM!! But we're both happy with what we each received. :)

I call this table runner my "deployment runner." I ordered it on a whim a few days before Travis left for his deployment. I needed it for moral support. LOL It's actually a kit called Homefront Stars from Main Street Cotton Shop. The name is pretty appropriate though, dontcha think?

While my mom was here, she taught me how to knit....again. I know she (maybe my Nana) taught me once before, but I never really showed much interest in it. I decided to take another shot and I made this dish cloth! I enjoyed making it, but I really don't see myself becoming a knitaholic anytime soon. I do enjoy crocheting and I just don't have the "umph" to get hooked into another hobby and all the paraphernalia that goes with it!

As you can see, Smokey would adjust quite well to "knit inspector" if need be. Why oh why are they so nosey! LOL
Not to be outdone, as soon as I put this mini down after getting the last stitches in, Whiskers had to test it out. I'm lucky to have such faithful helpers. :P
Happy Quilting!


  1. I am sure that you and your mom enjoyed the visit. As well, it was nice to have someone to do crafty things with while watching the Olympics.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Your furry inspectors crack me up! They do love to have their noses in, and butts upon, everything we are doing. I have just one, and she's always there, so cute. Your mini is wonderful, so is your deployment table runner -- especially love that one. Now, I have a little experience knitting dish cloths, but yours is nicer with a tighter weave, and those stitches that seem to change direction are eye-catching. Are there instructions somewhere online for this one? Keeping busy is good for you now, and good for us too as we get to see all your lovely creations!

  3. LOL those are some Crafty Cats you have Michelle! they are just interested in your handiwork!! Great job on the 2 quilts and your knit dishcloth!! Sorry I shamed ya into blogging about the mini LOL

  4. Love the tablerunner. The fabrics are gorgeous. I am using them for a nine patch strippy. Love the cat on the quilt!

  5. You do beautiful work...I hope to be inspired by your postings. I am new to blogging and will follow you to see how it's done.

  6. How funny that the BOMs used such different fabrics! They are both cute! I love the runner, too!

    I have a friend that is always trying to tempt me into knitting, but I have resisted so far! : )


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