Monday, February 15, 2010

Quilters are the best....

First of all, I have to thank all of you for the nice thoughts and prayers you all offered after my last post. The amount of support and friendship I have received from all of you was just beyond anything I ever expected! Quilters really are an amazing group of caring, thoughtful people...I don't say that lightly! I've come to really value all the friends I've made through quilting and "blogland." I love you all!

Two of my bestest friends, Peggy and Robin, sent me this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers the day Travis left for his deployment! Aren't they gorgeous? It was just what I needed for a pick me up. :)
Another blogging friend, Diane (no blog, but she needs one!!), sent me this amazing card and beautiful fat quarter. The front of the card says, "The way to be happy is to make others so." That is just so true! Such a thoughtful thing to do and it put a big smile on my face! Thanks Diane!! :) The FQ is gorgeous...I'm going to find a special project just right for it.

I haven't been sewing too much lately, but I'm doing a little here and there. I did finish all the 2009 Thimbleberries Club now all that's left is to set them. These are pics of the October, November, and December blocks, but I'm pretty sure they are out of order.

Here's a pic of all the 12" blocks together. I'm kinda thinking that I won't set them the way the pattern says to...I might come up with something else. They need to marinate in their box for a while, then I'll decide. :)
I also have a table runner that just needs the binding stitched down and I'll have a picture to share. My mom is coming for a visit this week, so I should get some embroidery done while we watch TV in the evening. She's a knitter and crocheter so she always has projects to work on too!

By the way, Travis is doing well in Afghanistan. He said the pace is extremely busy, but he likes it that way as it makes the time go by fast!

Hope you have a great, quilty week! You are the best!!


  1. Hooray your back!!! Big Hug!

  2. Glad you are doing ok. Good to hear that your husb is ok too.Continuing to keep him in prayer. I love sunflowers. How thoughtful of your friends.

    Those Thimbleberries blocks are so pretty.are the small blocks, next to the bigger ones, part of the border?

    Enjoy your Mom's visit!

  3. Your T'berries quilt will be nice even if it's not THEIR lay-out. I'm glad you have had happy moments courtesy of your friends....and the best news of all is that your hubby is doing well. When mine was in Vietnam, the only way of communicating was in letters and by the time you got one, it was days' old. It's great to have modern technology so you can keep more up-to-date when they are deployed now! Let's hope his deployment goes quickly.

  4. The Thimbleberries looks awesome.

    Praying for Travis and you.

  5. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Such pretty Thimbleberries blocks! Since recently discovering these fabrics, I'm enjoying your posts that use them. So glad you are doing OK!

  6. How cute that the card and flowers match! You have thoughtful friends. Your Thimbleberries quilt is going to be great! Best wishes to your hubby and have fun with your mom.


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