Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally...lots of sewing going on here!

Finally I had a quiet weekend at home and I took full advantage of the time and sewed like crazy!! This first top is called "Starlight Pines." It's a Thimbleberries pattern and I love it. I altered it just a bit by changing a diamond type row into that checkerboard row. I'm pleased with the difference. I started this top at retreat and assembled most of the center section while I was there. It's a good size too...68"x 84"! It will be long enough to cover the toes of my 6' 3" son! :) This quilt will live in our camping trailer, I think it will be perfect for those chilly mountain nights.

This is for the Quilts for Kids charity. I assembled the top probably 2-3 months ago and it weighed heavily on my mind that I hadn't finished it and sent it back. I'm happy to say it's finished and ready to pop in the mail! It's not colors/fabrics I usually would choose, but I think it's pretty cute and I hope some little girl will enjoy it!

It feels great to finally be accomplishing something! Here's to a great week!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Love that tree quilt...perfect for a mountain vacation, I'd say.

  2. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

  3. Love your Thimbleberries quilt. Sorry about the snow in your previous post. Enough already!


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