Sunday, May 23, 2010


Can you believe it snowed here all day yesterday??!! It only accumulated to about an inch or so, but big, giant flakes fell all day. It's supposed to be cold and rainy all week too. I try to make a point of not complaining too much about the weather, because what good does that really do? But...this, c'mon!!! It's almost June!!!

Look what I made! 15 little zipper bags...they are gifts for the volunteers at the thrift shop. Next Thursday is my last day as manager and Tuesday we are having a volunteer appreciation luncheon. They are about 5"x 5" and hopefully they will be useful for lipstick or coins. I "borrowed" the idea from my good friend Angela. She made me a cute Pink Ribbon bag in a similar manner. I hope she doesn't mind! :)
I might put a little candy in each bag and each gal will get this Idaho magnet. This is sort of a typical gift here at Mtn Home for some reason. I have 2-3, each with a different organization/logo on it. They are made at the Arts & Crafts Center on base. About 1/2 our volunteers are spouses from the Singapore squadron, so I think they might appreciate a little memento from Idaho and the US.
Today I'm working on a quilt that I started at retreat. I'm putting on the last borders now, so I should have a picture soon!!


  1. SNOW....REALLY!! if I didn't see the picture, I would think that you are joking. It's cool & rainy here so I guess I won't complain abt the rain.At least it's not snow :)
    Cute little zipper bags!

  2. SNOW??? Well...don't worry...NEXT May you won't be living where there will be any snow!!! :) Love those little bags you made...great idea for your volunteers!

  3. If you sent your DH this pic he must have thought you were playing a practical joke!
    Glad you had such a fantastic time at retreat, cute quilt you made and what a load of goodies!

  4. Our California weather has been freaky, too -- we're expecting rain all next week, when it doesn't usually rain at all after April! My poor tomato plants...

  5. Your weather sounds like our Wisconsin weather. 3 days ago it was cold and raining and today it's in the 80's and humid, go figure. I love your little bags and might have to look into making some of those.

  6. Cute bags! And I'm glad you have the snow and not me!! LOL!!!

  7. Anonymous4:10 PM

    What lucky volunteers to receive one of your special bags, so cute!

  8. I couldn't believe my eyes...snow!!!

    What lovely bags....

  9. I love snow :) I'm glad though that it's not around here anymore.
    The girls are going to love those bags and magnets!!!

  10. is there a pattern to those bags. They are so cute!


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