Thursday, June 03, 2010

Weekend Sewing...

So, here it is Thursday already and I'm just now getting around to show you what I accomplished over the weekend. I had a mini retreat with a couple of other quilters. We sewed from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon! It was heaven.

The first project is this cute pumpkin runner/wallhanging. I bought this kit a year ago at the Indiana retreat and have been itching to make it. But I just never seemed to make the time! I got just a little of the button hole stitching started, though, so I still have some work to go.

Remember this old project?? A couple years ago this Quilter's Blessing BOM was all the rage on the blogs. I'm still plugging along on mine! I've had the blocks done for at least a year or so...and now I just need to add a couple more borders and it'll be done!

And another embroidery project...I assembled the first six blocks of my busy little elves! Here is a picture of the first two.

Here is all six blocks...they aren't sewn together yet though. I just love 'em!! I'm stitching block 7 out of I'm getting there!!

Whew....I accomplished a lot on my mini retreat, huh?? :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. you gotta TON finished on your retreat! Everything looks AWESOME!! Way to go MICHELLE!! WOOHOO!!

  2. Holy DID get a lot done!!! Great job!!!

  3. You really accomplished a lot. I love the busy little elves.

  4. You did get alot done and all looks wonderful!

  5. WOW!! Productive for sure!! Love them all, Michelle!

  6. I always love your embroidery and these are looking beautiful!!!

  7. Wow, you were busy! You better start planning the next one. :)
    Love the red Christmas quilt. That's going to be darling when it's finished. I never started the Quilter's Blessing project. "Somebody" talked me into a BOM from a store in KS. lol


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