Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here's a quick update on my scrap progress! In a previous post, I shared that I was buckling down on my overflowing scrap bins and getting them cut into usable pieces. I adopted Bonnie Hunter's "Leader and Ender" technique and love it!

A couple days ago, I got back to work cutting a few more scraps and here is just a small portion of my efforts! I have 38 nine patch blocks sewn for the summer challenge and plenty more 2.5" squares to make lots more (yeah, I moved across the country in the middle of the summer, so I'm a bit behind!). I also cut bunches of 2" for my leader ender project that is coming together nicely. I cut quite a bit more in other sizes, but I put them all away before I remembered to take a picture. :)

Here is a new picture of my scrap bin...still looks pretty full, huh? I think they multiply overnight when I'm asleep. I only have one small bin besides this one left, so I'm making progress!
Stay tuned and happy quilting!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Up and Running...almost.

Long post warning! LOL

Here it is, 9 days after the moving truck delivered the first part of our household goods and 2 days after the second shipment arrived. (The moving company split our shipment into two pick ups/deliveries due to lack of communication/poor planning on their part!) I actually have my sewing room up and running! Don't expect to see pictures of the rest of the house because nothing else is picture worthy just yet! Everything is livable and coming together nicely, but a girl has priorities, you know! :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get many "before" pictures...but there is a few cute snapshots we've taken over the last few days. I took this one of Whiskers looking cute laying on the paper, but until I saw the picture, I didn't really notice that huge pile of paper behind her. LOL That's about what my whole house looked like for a while...or at least it felt like it did!

Funny timing getting a picture of this kitty yawning...but she looks like I felt..."AAACCCCCKKKKK! When are these boxes going to end!!!!"
Here is a "before" picture as things are coming together in my sewing room....I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel!
Whiskers decided she liked this spot...unfortunately, Mama has way too much stuff to keep a cupboard empty for kitty sitting.
College boy has been a big help with the heavy lifting and unpacking...but he went running when he heard the ice cream truck coming down the street. Once a kid, always a kid.....
And another break when the XBox and Rockband gear was unpacked. Hey, he set it all up for us (it actually is -our- game! He has his own in his dorm...), so he might as well test it out, right?
And finally....TA-DA!! I have a mostly finished sewing room! There are still a few things to do...but it's definitely functionable and ready to go! My sewing "room" is actually a family room off of the kitchen...I think I'm going to like being in a central part of the house, where I can see and hear things going on throughout the rest of the house. I might have to keep things a little more tidy since it is a common area of the house....but it shouldn't be too bad. I hope.
Another view...have to share some space for the piano...

This little alcove is on the wall next to the piano...I am going to make a little curtain to cover my fabric bin storage underneath. See that last packing box? That is a box of magazines!! Stay tuned for a future blog post about what I am going to do with them.

If you made it through this long post...thanks for hanging in there! Now that I'm up and running, I hope to get back to sharing pictures of my quilt projects again!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Landed in Delaware!

We have finally arrived in Delaware! We actually arrived the middle of last week and we're in sort of limbo for a couple more weeks until the house on base will be vacated and ready for us to move in. So we're "temp-ing" for just a bit longer. I sure will be glad to have a house again and make it our home for the next two years. In the meantime, I don't have a lot of responsiblity (like housework!), so I'm working on some embroidery projects and taking advantage of some relaxation time!

One exciting thing I was able to do just today...I met a blogging friend!! Pat and I have been corresponding for over two years through our blogs. We moved our son out to northern Delaware two years ago for school, and she was so kind to us then, offering whatever help we needed. I thought that was thoughtful and very generous! When I found out I would be moving close to her, we knew we just had to meet!! We arranged to meet for lunch and hit it off right away! She is a sweet lady and instant friend. Quilters are the best, aren't they? We spent a couple hours just chatting and getting to know each other better...even though it felt like we already knew each other, didn't it, Pat? I'm looking forward to many more fun times with her during our time in Delaware!

Pat was so kind and brought me a "Welcome to Delaware" gift...she was even concerned that I wouldn't have anything to keep me occupied during this time of "limbo," she brought me a cross-stitch project, complete with a hoop. The saying on that cross-stitch is very appropriate..."It's all about the Journey." Thanks so much Pat! Do you see that paper on the left? It's a list of all the quilt shops in the area, typed with descriptions and directions!! How cool is that?? Now I can just hop in the car, program the TomTom and go fabric shopping! :) She knows me so well too...look at that charm pack of my very fave fabric!! LOL

Thanks for a great afternoon Pat!