Sunday, September 26, 2010

Caught up...well, almost!

I love block of the months! Over the years, I have belonged to many BOM programs...through the mail and at local shops. The problem is, I've never been great at keeping up with them! I do better when they are at the local quilt shop and there is that "pressure" to finish your block so you don't look like a slacker in front of all the other over-achievers. LOL Peggy, Robin, and I seem to join a lot of them together and we do a good job of keeping each other motivated too.

Back at the first of the year, I joined a BOM from Homestead Hearth quilt shop called "Snowmen on Parade." The first month's kit arrived and I promptly sewed it together and waited for the next month to arrive. It arrived, then another, then get the picture. Before I knew it, I had 5 months of kits waiting to be assembled. A couple weeks ago, I pulled them out and decided it was time to get 'er done!

You can see it's a row by row type of quilt. I have one more row still to come, plus the border fabrics, etc. I'm not -completely- caught up though, I haven't done the buttonhole stitch around the snowman in the second row. I'm loving this quilt so far, and at this rate, I'll have it done by Christmas!

So that's two block of the months I'm caught up on...this and the Snow Days embroidery. We won't talk about all the others stashed away waiting for the day I pull them out and it's their turn to get 'er done!

I don't know about you, but I am anxiously awaiting fall to arrive here in Delaware...enough with the heat already!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I LOVE that project, and you're doing a great job!!!!

  2. That's going to be a beautiful quilt, Michelle. The colours look great with your Fall blog background.

  3. I hear ya about those BOMs. I have several that are behind -- ones that I said "I can keep up with this!"

    I love your snowman quilt!! I can't wait to see it finished.

  4. That's adorable, Michelle. It's going to be such a cute winter quilt. Good job on getting some sewing time in.

  5. Good job on the BOM. I shudder to think of how many things I have stuck away waiting their turn.

  6. That quilt is ADORABLE. Please...let's not talk about how far behind we are on projects, okay? LOL

  7. What a cute BOM, Michelle! Hopefully, I can see this one at retreat!!

  8. Oh my word! You just described me!! I have umpteem BOM's and I let them languish, easily distracted by other projects! Christmas is a great goal!! :D
    Found your blog by way of Fall into Fall! Looking forward to the giveaway (hope you'll pop over to mine as well!! :-D)
    Mary Lou

  9. What an adorable quilt!!

  10. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I also think it's lovely!


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