Saturday, September 11, 2010

Snow Days

This summer, I started a new block of the month embroidery project. It's called "Snow Days" from Crabapple Hill. I'll just say I was "encouraged" to join along with Peggy, Robin, Carolyn and Nan. They did some arm-twistin'...lemme tell ya! :) (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!)

We received Month 1 just before I moved from Idaho, so I quickly got everything traced in hopes that I'd be able to work on it during the move across country. I was able to do a good portion of the stitching and then after all the craziness of the move, I was able to sew the pieced units and finish the stitching. If you look closely, you'll see the stitching is up in the pieced blocks too.

I can't end this post without mentioning that today is 9/11...but you knew that already, because none of us will ever forget. 9/11 happened the first time we were stationed at Dover AFB and now here we are back again. I remember everything about that morning...just like I'm sure you do as well. There are other things that I will always remember talking to my 11 year old son about why there were security forces officers wearing gas masks and carrying M-16 rifles through military housing for weeks after 9/11. Or seeing the UPS man deliver packages with an armed escort in the truck. Eventually life got back to normal, but we will always remember the innocent victims and the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day.
God bless...


  1. sure changed for us that day when those tragic events unfolded in our own country. I pray that the world will someday be at peace as I pray to remember those families who still grieve the loved ones lost that day and lost, on foreign soils, because of what happened that day.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Loving this quilt! And I share you 9/11 emotions.

  3. Snow Days is looking great. Maybe when I finish Hocuspocusville, I'll look into starting another Crabapple Hill project. Love your wallpaper with the owls :)


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