Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow Stuff

It feels like anything but snow outside this week. We must be having an Indian Summer or something, because it feels like a heatwave out there! I don't like it one bit either! I was thoroughly enjoying the cooler air and my sweatshirts and sweaters.

This past weekend, we camped near Lancaster, PA. It was absolutely gorgeous! The trees were beautiful with their red, yellow, and orange leaves. I took these pictures with my phone and they just don't show how beautiful it was.

The tree on the left was so red, it was almost glowing!

The Amish farms were so pretty tucked in amongst the rolling hills and fields.

Of course, I couldn't resist a picture of one of the many buggies that are found
throughout this region.

It was a great weekend!

As for quilting, I've accomplished a couple of things recently. This is month 4 from my Snow Days block of the month. There is a lot of stitching with these blocks! Just when I think I have the block completed, I realize there is more to do. For example, after I took this picture, I realized that once I sew block 4 to block 3, there is more of a tree on the left side of the block to trace and stitch. You should be able to click it twice to get a closer look.
There is a lot of detail on these blocks! They sure are fun though and I really am enjoying the process. Don'tcha just love that little truck?!
This next project is a gift for someone very special to me! I hope she likes it. It's a freebie pattern found here. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

Hope you all are having a happy, quilty week!


  1. What a great post! It has a little of everything in it.

    Love the pics! Looks like camping there was fantastic. Beautiful weather too.

    That wall hanger is too cute! I definetley need to make me one. Every year I decorate my tree in a blue and white snowflake theme. I especially love the snowflake hanger!

    And the Snow Days Quilt is sweet! I can't wait to see it completed.

  2. Your snow days blocks look great! Love your snowman too! :0)

  3. Michelle, what beautiful photos and projects.

  4. I love your photos of the Lancaster area. I'm going with my little group there next week but it's predicted to be rainy and I know the leaves are beyond peak, but...I love the area anyway! Your quilting projects are really nice ones....I enjoy seeing your work.

  5. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Still loving those embroidered blocks! The stitching designs are charming. I notice you need to change thread color when going into another block with different background, is that right? If your special someone doesn't like this little blue and white block, I know where it would find a very happy home. ;)

  6. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. We were there in August - I would rather go there when it's cooler, though. I loved the farms and Amish buggies! Your Snow Days BOM looks wonderful! The stitchery is so cute and you did an excellent job on it.

  7. Lucky you to get to holiday in PA.
    All your stitching looks lovely. Michelle, love the Friends & Flakes hanger turned out great!

  8. Thanks for taking a close up pic of the embroidery block. It's amazing. I'm enjoying seeing the progress of these blcoks that you girls are doing.

    Beautiful pics of the Lancaster area.

  9. Your Snow Days is beautiful. I love the wall hanging - your friend is very lucky!!


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