Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Are you doing it?

Bonnie Hunter has a new mystery quilt coming up...are you doing it? Since I already have a gazillion projects in the works, what's one more, right? Funny thing is, I'm not particularly fond of mystery quilts! There is something about Bonnie's that I love though. Maybe it's the scrappy look to them...maybe it's because I can pull the fabrics from my stash and use up fabrics that are just sitting in bins. Whatever it is, I love them!

Here is a picture of the fabric I've chosen. I'm doing my colorway a bit differently than her instructions. She has green, pink and brown. I'm doing green, red, and gold...along with a neutral background. I'm going for a Christmas-y quilt! I need to shop for a few more FQ's of each color, especially golds.

So....whatta think? Are you in??!!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. I just love your fabrics....I am too busy moving to join in but would love to.

  2. I love mystery quilts, and I love your fabrics! Hmmmm...will give this one some thought!

  3. I'd love to...but don't think it will fit into my schedule at this time! Will live vicariously through you. Please post your progress.

  4. I need another project like a hole in the head, but I'll be doing it.

  5. Just went to Bonnie's site & read abt the Mystery quilt. I'm going to "sleep" on the idea & get back to you :) I see that Pinelands Barb is considering it. She's my neighbor so MAYBE we can do it together. I'll talk to her. A great way to get "sew down" my stash.

  6. So far I am resisting, but I love Bonnie's mysteries for sure! Your fabrics look great, it will be fun watching your progress.

  7. I love your fabric choices, Michelle! All those scrumptious thimbleberries you've got going plus the coordinating fabrics -- just my kinda thing! I'll have to decide between Bonnie's pallette of pinks/greens/browns (with that wild RED constant!?! -- what are you going to do for that!?) and yours which is more "my" thing. :-) Fun, fun!!
    Mary Lou


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