Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This and that....

Some of the ladies in our retreat group are doing our own "Wool Crazy" pincushion Round Robin. I'm sure you've seen these all around blogland in the last few months. The round robin will go for about 4 months, then we'll have a "big reveal" at retreat in May. Here is my base...we each added one element to sort of set the tone for our pincushion. I'm hoping mine will have a
winter-y a snowy mountain night with pine trees, cardinals, snowmen, etc., but I know whatever the ladies add will be perfect! We'll all have to wait until May to see the progress!
Can you guess what this is? Believe it or not, that little basket has 386 HSTs for the RRCB Mystery! I'm using the Triangulations 2.0 program and it is working out very nicely! Only 214 more HST to go! :)
This last picture I just thought was pretty enough to share. This was taken Monday night after all the snow craziness had calmed down...I looked out my sewing room window to see this beautiful sky. Isn't it awesome?

Happy Quilting!


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Very pretty sunset, the winter skies often do this. Thanks for that. The basket with HST's makes me giggle, keep plugging away on that one. Can't wait to see the monster! I've seen a couple round robin pincushion tops now, Peg says they are big! I bet you get your pine trees and cardinals!

  2. LOVE your snowman pincushion base...unfortunately I won't be adding to it since I'm in another group. It will be great when it's done...and a nice rememberance of the gals.
    Love the sky picture and thats a lotta hst's!!!

  3. The pincushion is gonna be so cool! (Pun totally intended! LOL) I started out the RRCB Mystery hst's with the easy angle then opted for Triangulations!! DUH! It makes the whole thing SO much easier! :-D Just today, I'm getting to step 6 hoping to finish before Friday!
    Isn't the snow beautiful! I don't mind it at all -- but then I don't have to go to work in it.
    Mary Lou

  4. Love your little snowman! I've got to make myself a wool pincushion one of these days! Beautiful sunset too! :o)

  5. The start of you pincushion is adorable. I just love the little snowman. It will be interesting to see what you will be creating with all of those tiny HST.
    What a beautiful picture - it would make the perfect postcard!!

  6. Love that snowman, so cute!

  7. love these pin cushions. can't wait to see them with the extra added touches. beautiful sunset!
    I'm still working on my string blocks. I've got 30 completed.

  8. super cute start to your pincushion Michelle!! and way to go with those HSTs!!! what a great pic from your sewing room window ;)

  9. I love your snowman. I missed this post and frogged over from Conni and found it! I totally almost went with a winter theme. Was so torn. We must do this at least once more!

  10. I'm wish Angela, we have to do the pincushion RR again! I love your snowman!


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